Once upon a time, the writers you knew and came to love as Big Head, Fastidious Hat, and True Son founded this blog.  Whether it was for their insightful analysis on the Missouri Tigers (maybe) or the fact that they occasionally threw up that awesome picture of Jessica Biel's ass (more likely), people began to take interest in MizzouRah.  More than three years after their first post, MizzouRah's "Big Three," retired.


Big Head and True Son have packed up and moved on.  Fastidious Hat still makes an appearance now and then.

They handed the reigns over to Slim and Co. in May of 2010 in hopes they will carry on the MizzouRah name.  While it is tough to duplicate the wits of the site's founders, this continues to be a pretty solid place to go for updates/analysis/whatever on the Missouri Tigers football and basketball teams... and that picture of Jessica Biel.


This site is in no way associated with the University of Missouri, its Athletic Department, or the NCAA.  Viewpoints and opinions by the writers do not reflect those of the University.

In other words, please don't sue us.

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