Written by Big Head | 22 July 2009

Via trummy

Brad smith in Springfield. Thursday.

He's going to be at the new SAM's club from noon to 2

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Written by Big Head | 22 July 2009

The Mizzourah staple has never left; kUchebags are always among us. The kUchebag never, ever leaves. That guy next to your cubicle could be one. Of course, if he pops a collar or three and prefers Abercrombie, American Eagle, or wearing a medium sized shirt when he damn well knows he needs an XL, you may have more than a hunch. kUchebags can be found everywhere, and True Son found the kUchebag hangout.

If the picture wasn't enough, check out the caption.

'it's now or never, do or die, we attack the action, slam by jackson' and yes the beard is for good luck Honoring jeff boschee with this shirt, '01 B12 champs

If the shitty Daughtry beard mixed with a headband wasn't enough, the fact that he can't match the captioned year on his own shirt correctly should be another clue of his kUchieness. Oh, and the "tribute" to Jeff Boschee? I thought Jeff Boschee would prefer a Lucky Pierre as a tribute to himself.

Keep your camera handy, and if you snap the ever elusive kUchebag, make sure to email it to us at [email protected].

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Written by Big Head | 22 July 2009

Whoa, how the hell did you end up here? Hold on, let me put some pants on.

Ok, now tell me, how'd you get here?

Oh, that's right, as we let you in on last week over across the street, we have officially launched this bitch. Sure, Hat and True Son are unpacking boxes as we speak, and unfortunately, Hat's blow up girlfriend didn't make it, but with that said, we are all here. Kick off your shoes, and let us get the new blog smell out of here.

Couple of things:

-Like I said before, you can sign up for a new Bloguin account. We're contemplating a new Mizzourah message board and some other stuff, and the Bloguin account is free (ie. In your price range). You won't need the account to comment, but it's always easier to already have your info saved in your computer so you don't need to write "Quin Snyder's Coke Dealer" in everytime...it'll already be saved. And it gets you all the snazzy stuff you can read about at the very bottom of the site where it says 'Bloguin Login'.

-Feel free to dick around here. If you notice something incorrect or just looking weird, leave it in the comments screen or kick us an email. You know, usual protocol. Just now, we have an excuse for effin' up.

-There are no language restrictions. Do whatever you want, just don't be racist unless it's referring to a Jayhawk or Husker. You'll be highly rewarded for that.

-You can access the new Mizzourah at two different domain names: Mizzourahblog.com or Mizzourah.net. Your call, same place.

Our consistent readership has never been higher, so joining up with Bloguin was a no-brainer, and it'll only give us more victimsreaders to add to this community. We've got some big things being blamestormed, so change your bookmark, and hang around for awhile. Oh, and now we can post larger pictures, so a Jessica Biel ass in honor of the move.

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