Written by Big Head | 26 July 2009

As we get this site rolling, and with Bloguin being a fairly new network, we've been noticing some bugs. Derek the Bloguin dude has caught many of these before they even hit the site. I have seen some, and you with your hands down your pants after accidentally finding this site Googling 'Jessica Biel Ass' have found a majority of them. Here's what I want you to do: complain. I know, it should be second nature to all of us, after all, we are Mizzou fans, but if you find a bug or a presentation error or whatever, tell us. Leave it in the comments or shoot us an email at [email protected]. I don't use anything but Internet Explorer, and a lot of people prefer FireFox or Google Chrome, but whatever browser you're using, if you have something weird happen, we can email Derek the Bloguin dude to get it fixed or get an answer.

I shot him an email with some of your concerns to get some answers. We got answers. It looks like if you're registered with a username won't have to use CAPTCHA (thanks B Moore), I've also had problems with the AT&T sidebar ad popping up in the middle of the page, which apparently they are working on as this is written. 

fromMizzourah <[email protected]>
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dateSun, Jul 26, 2009 at 10:38 AM
subjectFew things we're hearing from our readers...

10:38 AM (5 hours ago) Reply

-Is there any way to remove the CAPTCHA from the comments if you have a Bloguin account?
-How do you post pictures within comments? How about HTML links? Our readers are having problems with both.
-How do the 'Quote', 'Code', 'List', 'Item', and 'URL' tags in the comment box?
I've also noticed a few bugs (I'm running it on IE):
-A reader using Google Chrome said there's major presentation problems.
-I find myself clicking on a post to leave a comment, and some of the ads come up in the middle of the post instead of the actual post, and I have to refresh. I probably have to do this half of the time.
-I'm coming into the site via the Mizzourahblog.com domain, and sometimes when I leave the site via typing in a new URL, the URL won't leave Mizzourah. Actually, that tab ends up being basically useless. I have to close that tab out, and if I have another tab open, I can type in that same URL and it'll go there.

-Big Head

fromDerek Hanson <[email protected]>
toMizzourah <
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dateSun, Jul 26, 2009 at 3:16 PM
subjectRe: Few things we're hearing from our readers...

3:16 PM (1 hour ago) Reply


So I went looking around your site to see what issues I could find and figure out what was causing them.

#1 - The ad issue was a mistake on our end.   Either Ben or John posted in a leaderboard code where they should've pasted a box code.  I fixed the change, and it will take a little bit for it to process.  However, I've been moving around in your site for a while now and I haven't seen the error any more, so it's probably been processed. 

#2 - I've looked all over your site in Google Chrome and everything looks normal.  Perhaps this guy was referring to the ad issue?  I'm not really sure.  "Major Presentation Problems" is kinda vague.  The only major error I was getting was the ad problem.  Otherwise it looks normal to me in Chrome.

#3 - IE7 tab issue - Not sure what's causing that.  I did get it the very first time I went to your site in IE7.   All subsequent visits worked normally, and I've never heard of this happening with any other site before.  I also went around the network testing out other sites and didn't see it either.  I did some googling, which is always a good way to figure this stuff out, and couldn't find any mention of it.  I'm kind of at a loss with where to go on this issue.  I'm not trying to sweep it under the rug, but it's happened to me once in like 20 tries, so I'm not sure how "big" of an issue it is. 

#4 - If you'd like, I can switch you to a different comments system that will allow registered users to post comments without a captcha.

- Derek

fromMizzourah <[email protected]>
toDerek Hanson <
[email protected]>

dateSun, Jul 26, 2009 at 4:13 PM
subjectRe: Few things we're hearing from our readers...

4:13 PM (9 minutes ago) Reply

Yeah, lets definitely kill the CAPTCHA for registered users.
As far as IE freezing up, the only way I've gotten around it a bit is to close that header ad that pops up on every page (the New Balance ad).
I had another guy email me about the AT&T sidebar popping up, and I had it just happen again. I have attached a screen cap of what I'm seeing with it to this email.

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Written by Big Head | 25 July 2009

The Steelers have backed the Brinks truck up to Ziggy Hood's place. Somewhere in St. Chuck, Fastidious Hat has just jizzed his pants.

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Written by The True Son | 24 July 2009

Via Tigerboard. In case you got nothin' else going on this Friday night. no comments

Written by Big Head | 24 July 2009

Got this from a Vol friend in Knoxville (yeah, surprise). Apparently, the geniuses in the kU athletic department are buying ads for football tickets on other team's message boards, even teams located 12-14hrs away. Uh what?  

Not that I'm a business owner, but, please have Lew Perkins send me the ROI on this.

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Written by Big Head | 24 July 2009

Yeah, only a few players with Texas ties on here.


Pos Name School Ht Wt Cl/Exp Hometown

WR Dez Bryant* Oklahoma State 6-2 215 Jr/2L Lufkin, Texas

TE Jermaine Gresham* Oklahoma 6-6 258 Sr/3L Ardmore, Okla.

OL Russell Okung* Oklahoma State 6-6 305 Sr/3L Fort Bend, Texas

OL Trent Williams* Oklahoma 6-5 318 Sr/3L Longview, Texas

C Chris Hall# Texas 6-4 295 Sr/3L Irving, Texas

OL Adam Ulatoski* Texas 6-6 310 Sr/3L Southlake, Texas

OL Brandon Carter Texas Tech 6-7 354 Sr/3L Longview, Texas

WR Dezmon Briscoe# Kansas 6-3 202 Jr/2L Dallas, Texas

QB Sam Bradford* Oklahoma 6-4 223 Jr/2L Oklahoma City, Okla.

RB Kendall Hunter* Oklahoma State 5-8 190 Jr/2L Tyler, Texas

RB DeMarco Murray^* Oklahoma 6-1 214 Jr/2L Las Vegas, Nev.

PK Alex Henery Nebraska 6-2 175 Jr/2L Omaha, Neb.

KR Perrish Cox Oklahoma State 6-0 195 Sr/3L Waco, Texas



Pos Name School Ht Wt Cl/Exp Hometown

DL Ndamukong Suh# Nebraska 6-4 300 Sr/3L Portland, Ore.

DL Gerald McCoy* Oklahoma 6-4 297 Jr/2L Oklahoma City, Okla.

DL Jeremy Beal# Oklahoma 6-3 261 Jr/2L Carrollton, Texas

DL Sergio Kindle Texas 6-4 255 Sr/3L Dallas, Texas

LB Sean Weatherspoon*^ Missouri 6-2 245 Sr/3L Jasper, Texas

LB Joe Pawelek*^ Baylor 6-2 240 Sr/3L San Antonio, Texas

LB Travis Lewis Oklahoma 6-2 232 So/1L San Antonio, Texas

DB Darrell Stuckey* Kansas 6-1 205 Sr/3L Kansas City, Kan.

DB Jordan Lake*^ Baylor 6-1 215 Sr/3L Houston, Texas

DB Dominique Franks# Oklahoma 6-0 192 Jr/2L Tulsa, Okla.

DB Earl Thomas Texas 5-10 197 So/1L Orange, Texas

P Derek Epperson Baylor 6-3 235 Jr/2L Southlake, Texas

PR Dez Bryant* Oklahoma State 6-2 215 Jr/2L Lufkin, Texas

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Written by Big Head | 24 July 2009

Chase Daniel is like a bad check at the Elite 11 QB Camp- the guy just keeps coming back. Chase was a counselor at the '09 edition, just as he was at the '08 camp. Peep the roster of counselors these high school punks had to listen to: Chase Daniel (Missouri/Washington Redskins), Cody Hawkins (Colorado), Colt McCoy (Texas), Zac Robinson (Oklahoma State), Mark Sanchez (USC/New York Jets), Darryl Clark (Penn State) and Juice Williams (Illinois). Outside of learning how to throw a load of picks by Juice Williams, you'll get pretty good insider info on holding a clipboard from Cody Hawkins. Not a bad roster of counselors outside of those two.

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Written by Big Head | 24 July 2009


Q: Last year you were named the Big 12's Co-Defensive Player of the Year, how do you plan on living up to that honor again this season?

J.T.: Really, I want the award again, but I also want the National Defensive Player of the Year Award this year too.

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Written by The True Son | 23 July 2009

For the inaugural edition of Facebook Friday on the new site we're going to go with the king of Facebook Friday/Myspace Monday, Sean Weatherspoon.

If you didn't know anything about Sean other than what you're able to see in these pics you would still end up knowing quite a bit about the guy.

He's a pretty crazy guy.
He likes to have a good time.
He's from the state of Texas and is proud of that fact.
He works out a lot and is in tremendous shape.
He occasionally likes to sport a mohawk.
And he likes to wear sunglasses indoors and huge chains around his neck.
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Written by Big Head | 23 July 2009

Screw it, it seems like the time's about right to roll out my B12 Power Poll. And yes, I realize this is the end of July --no where close to games being played-- but the media doesn't care about facts anymore, we'll do this waaaaay premature.

We'll start with the B12 North

1). kU- The buckleshoes have the least amount of questions, and have the 2nd best receiver in the league back again in Dezmon Briscoe. Of course, Todd Reesing is a playmaker, and Kerry Meier is as productive as my uncle on a case of beer. The guy just gets it done everytime. The mythical birds have some holes, mainly at OLine and at LB, two spots where you never want to have questions. Add in Jake Sharp, who is a middle of the road back in the B12, and kU isn't even close to being an automatic to win the B12N. Their schedule does them no favors, but at least they have Nebraska at home.

2). Mizzou- Gary Pinkel has been prepping for 2009 since, oh, 2007. Gone are Chase, Chase, Chase, Maclin, Ziggy, blah blah blah. The guys that are stepping in to replace former starters were former starters themselves or were in heavy rotations with the starters and garnered a ton of PT. The thing that people forget is Coffman and Maclin both missed significant time. We're talking games and several quarters...the replacements are good to go. Andrew Jones probably had more PT than Coffman, and remember DaNario Alexander's healthy '07 season? He basically put up numbers better than Maclin, and was a game-breaking threat. He's back at 100% to take the #2 receiver position along with Wes Kemp, and Jared Perry is finally the #1 receiver. The only exceptions to the 'former starter' rule are Blaine Gabbert and Tanner Mills, the kid that replaces Jeff Wolfert as kicker. This time last year, everyone was going all Miss Cleo trying to figure out if Pinkel would redshirt Gabbert or not. He held off, and Gabbert was tutored by two NFL calibur QBs, which is better than your normal internship. Gabbert still had more PT than Zac Lee at Nebraska, but what the hell, we'll get to that in a minute. New offensive and defensive coordinators, and we're looking good. Sure, Mizzou will miss Dave Christensen, but Dave Yost has his crap together, and a handjob from Edward Scissorhands would have been better than having Matt Eberflus back in '09. Blitzing the house on the Meier catch at Camerohead was the cherry on Eberflus' shit sundae. Insert Dave Steckel in at d-coordinator, and we're automatically looking better. Of course, having freaks at DE and 'Spoon back doesn't hurt. Add in Luke Lambert finally starting, and we're looking better. Seeing how Mizzou has won the North the past two years, I'll stay with this horse. The B12N will come down to kU/Mizzou at Camerohead again.

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Written by Big Head | 23 July 2009

Need a loan? I know someone that makes more than you do. His name? William Moore.

Willy Mo signed a deal to take wide receivers souls in the NFC South with the Atlanta Falcons Thursday. No details on how much the contract's worth, but I imagine he can afford a car or two.

UPDATE: I lied. Here are the terms- about $1.6 million in guaranteed money, and the four-year deal could be worth $3.35m, including a $1.1m signing bonus.

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