Written by Slim | 14 October 2010

We examine who's stock is rising and who's is falling after Missouri's latest beating of Colorado.

Three Up:

Anytime a team shuts out an opponent, it goes without saying that the defense played well.  This week there were a lot of solid candidates for the "Three Up," section.  Among those just missing the cut were Jacquies Smith, Zaviar Gooden and Kenji Jackson.  Offensively, an honorable mention goes to James Franklin.

uparrowgKip Edwards - So. - CB

There's been a lot of praise this year for cornerbacks Carl Gettis and Kevin Rutland.  Saturday was Edwards' turn to break out.  With exception to his ridiculous slip and fall on Faurot Field's track following his interception, Rutland was outstanding against Colorado.  Edwards had Mizzou's lone interception to go along with seven tackles including a sack where he annihilated Tyler Hansen.

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Written by Slim | 12 October 2010

You just can't make some of this stuff up. Kansas State got embarrassed by the nubs last week, but these nub fans downright embarrass themselves in this video courtesy of The Scoop Manhattan. Enjoy.

"N" for Knowledge - 10/7/10 from The Scoop Manhattan on Vimeo.

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Written by Slim | 08 October 2010


Chip and the Colorado co-eds haven't had much to smile about in recent games with Mizzou.

Sometimes we tend to out-think ourselves.  We see an improved Colorado team and start thinking this might be the year they knock off Mizzou.  We see an unpredictable Big 12 and start feeling insecure about this week's game.  We see a Colorado team coming off a solid win against a struggling, but still name-brand Georgia team and we start over-thinking things.  Most people expected the crew led by hapless Hawkins to get crushed by Georgia and when they didn't, we start to worry.

Before we get too worked up, let's look at some basic facts.  Colorado hasn't won a road game since October 2007.  Their last venture away from Boulder resulted in a 52-7 butt-kicking from a decent California team.  The Buff's last visit to Columbia resulted in a 58-0 butt-kicking, Missouri's biggest win over a Big 12 opponent under Gary Pinkel.  Missouri has beaten Colorado in their last four meetings and the average margin of victory in those games is something like +30 in favor of Mizzou.  Dan Hawkins has never beaten Gary Pinkel.  Throw in the fact that Missouri has had an extra week to prepare and the Tigers are playing at home and you should start to feel a little better about this one being a comfortable win.

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Written by Slim | 07 October 2010

Gary Pinkel always tells his team to take things, "One game at a time."  Luckily, here at Mizzourah we don't have to follow those instructions.  I'm posting this a little late, but over the bye week I caught up with Oklahoma Sooners blogger Allen Kenney of the website BlatantHomerism.com to hear his thoughts on the Sooners and what they think of Mizzou.  I'll admit, I was pleasantly surprised by his prediction on the MU/OU game.

Mizzourah: How would you sum up Oklahoma's season thus far?

Allen Kenney: "The Sooners have made fans sweat to get to 5-0, but they've done so against arguably the toughest schedule in the country so far. OU can't keep squeaking by, though, and I suspect that will catch up to the Sooners at some point in the regular season. All in all, OU has a good shot at the conference championship, although I doubt we'll see the Sooners playing for a national title."
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Written by Slim | 06 October 2010

As you're probably already aware of, today officially marks the 20th anniversary of the fifth down game.  On that note, I've decided to post something completely unrelated or in any way associated with the fifth down game.  Makes sense right?

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Written by Slim | 04 October 2010

No tailgating and no Mizzou game led to more chances to watch the other teams around the league this week.  Not going to get real detailed here, but here are some quick thoughts from around the Big 12.

Texas A&M: Watching Jerrod Johnson turn the ball over five more times this week was brutal.  The Aggies were throwing the ball on what seemed like every play and Johnson's arm looked dead by the end of the game. Johnson puts up big numbers, but his turnovers are absolute game killers.  He handed Oklahoma State a TD with a fumble and then sealed the deal with yet another pick.  If Mizzou wants to take itself seriously, they should win in College Station.  Not that impressed with A&M's performance on Thursday.

Oklahoma State: Initially, a home win against Texas A&M sounds pretty good.  Then you realize that Johnson was doing his best to hand the game to OSU and they could still barely take the win.  Forced five turnovers and barely won at home.  Not that impressed with them either.

Iowa State: Not going to lie, I didn't see a single down from this game.  But how in the world did the Cyclones drop 52 on somebody?  Not sure whether that means the Clones were good or Tech's D is just awful, but that score got my attention.  ISU isn't the usual slouch it normally is, but I certainly didn't predict them dropping 52 on anybody except maybe the beakers.  Speaking of beakers...

kU: WOW.  Is this worse than losing to NDSU?  I still can't decide.  I know, I know, Missouri lost to Baylor at home last year.  Yeah, that was embarrassing.  But at the very least, at least Mizzou didn't get down right embarrassed.  Baylor was just dogging kU.  It was awesome.  The Baylor student section went so far as chanting, "kan-sas High School!"  Ouch.  How in the world did the team that just lost by 48 to Baylor beat Georgia Tech??

Texas: Not really sure what to think of them.  The Longhorns just don't look all that good this year.  They have the talent to beat anyone, yet at times look beatable by many.

Oklahoma:  Definitely the class of the Big 12 this year.  I don't think it's a squad that will embarrass Mizzou by 42 like they did in the 2008 Big 12 Championship game, but they're good.

Mark your calendars for the K-State Nubs game this Thursday.  I think this is the first real measuring stick for both teams.

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Written by Slim | 01 October 2010

It's been way too long since we've put up a MizzouRah tradition, Facebook Friday.  Have no fear, I saw some good pictures pop up on the MizzouRah mini feed this morning and decided to pass them along to you.


This was taken at Columbia's Galactic Fun Zone.  Looks like Aldon was into the laser tag.


Apparently Bud Sasser has taken the "Get Money," saying to heart.


Where did this kid get a Rolandis Woodland jersey?

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Written by Slim | 30 September 2010


Play for kU? Don't expect to hang out with these classy ladies after 10pm. (Photo from thedirty.com).

Turns out the kU basketball and football teams have one less thing to fight about these days: girls.

This comes after new head coach Turner Gill implemented his latest ridiculous rule: kU football players are not allowed to hang out with women after 10pm.  This doesn't mean players aren't allowed to be out in public with women, it means they aren't allowed to be in the presence of women whatsoever after 10pm, seven days a week.

WHAT??  I'm sorry, Turner this is college.  My freshman year, I lived in a dorm room directly across the hall from guess who? College girls!  And guess what?  I saw them after 10pm plenty of times.  Would I be in trouble under this rule?  Who wants to play for a coach who doesn't let his players even see women after 10pm?  What about players who live with their girlfriends?  This rule has failure written all over it, but then again when you lose at home to North Dakota State, I suppose that program probably is a bit desperate.

When researching for this story, I came across this article on Fanhouse.  Sums up the whole situation nicely.  Worth a read if you're interested in dysfunction in beaker land.


I guess when you have guys like this on the team, they probably don't care about the no girls rule.  By the way, Google "ku football 2010," and this comes up on page one of your results... made me laugh).

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Written by Slim | 28 September 2010

We examine who’s stock is rising and who’s is falling after Missouri’s win over Miami (OH).

Up Candidates: Kenji Jackson, Kendial Lawrence, Wes Kemp, Jacquies Smith, offensive line, David Yost, Josh Tatum, Jarrell Harrison, Trey Barrow

Down Candidates: Jasper Simmons, attendance, umm?

Three Up:

uparrowgKenji Jackson – Jr. - S

It took about two series before anyone paying any attention to the game probably noticed, “Wow, Kenji is playing a heck of a game.” Even my friend who was on the border of being blackout drunk made that same comment to me at some point in the first quarter. KJ was all over the field leading Mizzou with 13 tackles, two of which were for loss.

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Written by Slim | 27 September 2010

So we've made it through the non-con season.  Why do some optimists believe Missouri just might win the Big 12 this year?  What concerns do the pessimists still have heading into conference play?  I break down both sides in this week's edition of The Optimist and The Pessimist.


Not all Tiger fans are feeling the love like these two.

The optimist says...

There are plenty of reasons to like this team.  Mizzou has yet to play its best football and is still undefeated.  The defense has shutdown everybody.  The Tiger D is on pace to force 52 turnovers.  Last year, Ohio State led the nation in forced turnovers with 37.  Missouri is also pressuring opposing quarterbacks to the tune of more than two sacks per game.  Both the forced turnovers and sacks are drastic improvements over last year and are just one reason why this year's squad is better than the '09 version. no comments