Written by The True Son | 04 August 2009

MUTigers has a pretty bitchin' Q&A with Kim English posted online. Normally these Q&A's are painfully boring. But this one's with Kimmie, so of course it's awesome. I'll throw up some of the highlights.

Q: You never know who’s going to walk into a gym during the summer. Were there any interesting names people might know that you played against?

KE: Oh there were a lot of guys in and out of there. Sam Cassell, Rudy Gay, Juan Dixon, Carmelo Anthony and others. I was just trying to soak up as much knowledge as possible from those guys.

Q: If those three guys were an animal, which animal would they be?

KE: Keith Ramsey: Orangutan. Keith has those long arms and he’s always jumping all over the place. And I know this much, you wouldn’t want to drive the lane on an Orangutan. Zaire Taylor: Zaire is like a panther. He’s smooth, agile, serious, quiet, but very vicious on the court. J.T. Tiller: He’s the Tasmanian Devil. A more tamed version of a Tasmanian Devil.

Q: Speaking of Zaire, I understand you have a pretty close 1-on-1 contest in the works after workouts?

KE: The 1-on-1 competition isn’t even close. I’m not quite sure why Zaire is saying that to these good people. I don’t think he’s won a game in the last month. Zaire, I hope you are reading this, because we only play so I can try new things out on the court.

Q: Football season is just around the corner. What do you say to Tiger fans still on the fence about getting season tickets?

KE: I would ask them what are they waiting on? The program is coming off two great years. Two Big 12 North titles. Cotton Bowl and Alamo Bowl Champs and we have an infusion of great sophomore talent. Blaine Gabbert, Wes Kemp, Aldon Smith, Jacquies Smith, Kip Edwards, tons of young players waiting to make their mark. I tell you this much, I’ll be at every home game this year and hopefully the Illinois game too.

Q: What would you rather do, star in an episode of MTV's "Jackass" TV Show or return a punt knowing Sean Weatherspoon is coming at you?

KE: I’ll return the punt. No Fear! Of course I can always lateral the punt to a teammate.

Q: Which teammate would you like to see play some football?

KE: Oh no question, J.T. Tiller. Can you imagine Carl Gettis on one side and J.T. Tiller on the other? J.T. could be the next Justin Gage. In fact, I’m going to email Coach Pinkel and see if we can make that happen.

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Written by Big Head | 04 August 2009

Who would think that the recruiting site, Scout, would see the light on the Tigers and have them ranked? Ok, it wasn't exactly Scout, but their non-recruiting side, College Football News, who ranks the Tigers at #20 in their preseason poll. The scary part is they have Illannoy in at #19, so I don't know if that eliminates their credibility. no comments

Written by Big Head | 04 August 2009

Thank God for Jeremy Maclin for giving us some news in this dead week before camp on Thursday. Maclin and the Iggles agreed to a 5yr deal reportedly worth up to $15.5m, with $9.5m guaranteed. Couldn't happen to a better guy, so congrats on that. Now, just take it easy on my Bears. no comments

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A short, chubby, ex-Heisman hopeful at Skins camp.
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Written by Big Head | 03 August 2009

Mizzou football camp starts Thursday. no comments

Written by Big Head | 03 August 2009

In all it's sic'd glory

Via ski-tiger

How do Illini players feel about their school?

I'm putting this here so Illini fans can read it.

If you don't know, MU and Illini players threw out the first pitch at the Cards game.

At Busch yesterday, I got in just before the first pitch. As I went up to my seats in the CQ Party Porch, I see Gettis, Baston, and Gregory in their MU jersey's going into their party room to watch the game. Obviously, I knew who they were, because they had their names on their backs.

I went into the bathroom and their is Juice and 2 other idiot Illini . . . TAKING OFF THEIR JERSEYS!!!!

I laughed and laughed. That is some real school pride that the Zookster is cultivating over in Champagne.

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Written by The True Son | 31 July 2009

Call me crazy, but I think there's a familiar theme that's emerging from this year's Tiger football team. Check out the most recent Twitter updates from Sean Weatherspoon and Derrick Washington.
"Just touched down in Houston, time to relax and clear my mind... Then back at the Zou to go on this journey! Hi haters! Bye haters! Mizzou!!"-Spoon
"in the home town of kc for a few days to relax...then its nothin but football! TIME TO PROVE ALL DOUBTERS WRONG!! MIZ!!"-D-Wash
It's a given that Gary Pinkel will probably downplay the whole disrespect card when he talks about it to the media. If there's one person he's not it's Bob Stoops. But don't think for a second that he isn't slamming Phil Steele's and everyone else's predictions down his team's throat every chance he gets. 
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Written by The True Son | 31 July 2009

If Dave Matter ever leaves the Columbia Tribune I swear to God I'm going to kill myself. Dave, I know you occasionally take a look at this blog so you know how much we appreciate your work. But seriously, if your Behind the Stripes blog is ever taken out of my life I don't know what I'll do with myself.

Today Dave posted an Emptying the Notebook post from the Big 12 Media Days. Some good stuff in there so be sure to check it out. If you read my post from last night you know I'm pretty stoked about the Tigers' O-line and D-Wash running behind it. It appears Matter and I are on the same page.
3. 1,540 & 5.9

The first number is the collective weight of Missouri’s projected starting offensive line, a group that will open camp with first-year starters at left guard (Austin Wuebbels) and right tackle (Dan Hoch) but established veterans at the other three positions. The Tigers don’t typically play a grinding, smashmouth brand of football along the front five, but the two new starters bring a physical presence. And new O-line coach Josh Henson was raised on punishing power running games at Oklahoma State and LSU under Les Miles.

The second number is Derrick Washington’s yards-per-carry average in 2008, when he played 13 games with a torn meniscus in his left knee. Only two Missouri running backs in the modern era have averaged a better rate: Robert Delpino and Ernest Blackwell. Missouri’s not going to give up throwing the ball and will probably wing it around at least 50 percent of the time as it did in 2006, Daniel’s first season as a starter. But Washington is capable of taking tremendous pressure off Gabbert — as is his more than capable backup De’Vion Moore — if the Tigers can get the running game going and stick with it.
Also, Todd Reesing apparently addressed all those interesting photos of him that have been circulating on the internet the last month.
As for Reesing, just as he arrived in Dallas another batch of bizarre photos of him circulated on the Internet and across email, including several with Reesing sporting way too short denim shorts and a hideous jacket featuring the stars and stripes of the American flag. A TV reporter asked Reesing on camera about the photos, and, to Reesing’s credit, the quarterback didn’t flinch. Reesing played ball and shot back, "You mean you don’t have an American flag jacket, too?"
I'll admit, that was pretty funny.
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Written by Big Head | 31 July 2009

Props to this guy. You can click on the link and grab the J-Mac cover for other consoles and make this one full-size and printable. no comments

Written by Big Head | 31 July 2009


Yeah, ummm.

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