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BlogPoll- Week 13 E-mail
Written by Big Head   
Wednesday, 02 December 2009 10:46

Have at it. 

1 Florida 2
2 Texas
3 Alabama 2
5 Boise State
6 Cincinnati
7 Ohio State 2
8 Oregon 2
9 Penn State 3
10 Oregon State 3
11 LSU 3
12 Georgia Tech 5
13 Brigham Young 2
14 Virginia Tech 2
15 Iowa 3
16 Southern Cal 5
17 Pittsburgh 9
18 Oklahoma State 7
19 Houston 4
20 Miami (Florida) 1
21 West Virginia
22 California
23 Stanford
24 Nebraska
25 Central Michigan
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Clemson (#17), Utah (#20), Mississippi (#22), Nevada (#24), Temple (#25).

The Greatest Use of a Chase Daniel Jersey Evaaaah E-mail
Written by Big Head   
Wednesday, 02 December 2009 05:00

Via Tim McKernan's iSTL site, and their Girl Next Door competition.

Beast MODE Items On Ebay For White-Collar Crowd E-mail
Written by The True Son   
Wednesday, 02 December 2009 01:20

There are currently some pretty sick Beat MODE items up for auction on eBay if you have a shitload of cash sitting around that you're looking to burn:

The current bid for this is sitting at $300 (plus $50 for shipping) with 10 bids already placed. Of course if you're of the philosophy that bidding is for pussies then you can just use the But It Now option for....ready for this?....$2,808.00!!! Oh and $50 for shipping of course. Even though the auctions on, which are for game used shit, are going for outrageous prices I'm pretty sure you could pick up a Real Deal jersey, helmet and gloves for less than 2.8 grand.

Speaking of Beast MODE, here's video of the Beast MODE gear being shown off to the players for the first time:

Nike Pro Combat Uniforms from WeAreMizzou on Vimeo.


And yes, we are still posting Beast MODE shit.

Breaking Down Bowlin' Part Deux E-mail
Written by Big Head   
Tuesday, 01 December 2009 04:52

Maybe I'm just delaying the inevitable piece in the puzzle of Nebraska getting smoked by Texas Saturday. I mean, the spread is fairly large, and it seems like the only person I've talked to that believes Nebraska has a decent shot is Sammy Vegas.

Of course, if Nebraska loses, Mizzou is probably 95% going to the Insight Bowl against Minnesota, which isn't terrible for the Tigers. A bowl against a B10 opponent that likes to sneak into St. Louis homes and grab some recruits that Pinkel's had his eyes on . A beat down of epic proportions might keep Tim Brewster out of St. Louis for a few years. Or not.

These projections, as were yesterday's, are assuming that Nebraska rises up and beats Texas, putting two Big 12 teams into the BCS, hence, opening this thing wide open.

Cal (Sun Bowl)

If you're under the assumption that Oklahoma would move up to the Holiday Bowl behind Okie State in the Cotton and Tech in the Alamo Bowl, you might be right on. Oklahoma would go on to probably face USC if things work out for the Holiday. An Oklahoma-USC game would get ratings, which opens up the Sun Bowl for Mizzou against Cal. Cal has a good shot at wrapping up a 9-3 season, and to throw them up against an 8-4 Tiger team would be a solid game for the Sun people.

Oregon State (Sun Bowl)

Welcome back to 2006. Oregon State. Sun Bowl. A hell of a bowl. Mizzou lost the lead and Oregon State came storming back. The '09 Tigers have been compared to the '06 Tigers all season, so going back to an '06 bowl makes sense and the Sun Bowl officials could be all over this. The Pac-10 bowl delegations are similar to the Big 12...after the BCS there are none. The bowls get their choice.

Stanford (Sun Bowl)

Outside of Tebowner and Colt, the biggest name in college football of late is Toby Gerhart, Stanford's running back. Stanford is a team on the rise, and the Sun Bowl will have a shot at taking them. It would be a match up of the top underclassman QBs in the nation with Blaine Gabbert against Andrew Luck. Two teams on the rise? The Sun Bowl could do a hell of a lot worse than this.

This is how good the Pac-10 is (or how terrible their bowl tie-ins are): Assuming Oregon is going to the Rose (BCS qualifier) and USC heads to the Holiday, Cal, Oregon State, and Stanford will be battling for the Sun, Emerald, and MAACO/Las Vegas bowls. Gross.

Bob Stoops Agrees to Contract With Notre Dame (UPDATED) E-mail
Written by Big Head   
Monday, 30 November 2009 21:33

Well, that was a quick flip-flop, and could open up the Big 12 a bit: outlets have it that Bob Stoops has agreed to a contract with Notre Dame. No word if he's signed off on the deal yet.

Linkage to KTUL, Tulsa's ABC-TV affiliate.

**UPDATE 9:31p central**

KTUL has updated the story a bit. For a transcript of Bob getting after the reporter and those statements made earlier, go for the link above.

Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis was fired Monday after five seasons and a 35-27 record. Then, a report indicated the Notre Dame Athletic Department and Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops had verbally agreed to the principles of a contract.

Tonight, NewsChannel 8 was contacted by OU Senior Associate AD Kenny Mossman, who issued the following statement from Stoops.

"I stand by the comments that I made earlier today.  I will be at Oklahoma.  Any reporting to the contrary is completely unfounded."

Earlier today, Stoops tried to put a damper on the rumors in his weekly teleconference. But, he stopped short of an outright denial.

Breaking Down Bowlin' E-mail
Written by Big Head   
Monday, 30 November 2009 14:41

Unfortunately, now that Mizzou doesn't have the B12 Championship Game to deal with this year, it's time to talk bowls a week early. I think everyone knows how bowl tie-ins work: after the Big 12 CG winner is automatically put into the BCS, everything is up for delegations to an automatic bowl. Bowls do frown on picking the same team in back-to-back years, if only because fans are iffy to travel since they were just there last year. So in a best guess, we can put Texas in the BCS. That's the only best guess right now in the Big 12 bowls.

Welcome to the clusterfuck.

Outside of the Huskers, Mizzou has the most to gain from Nebraska winning this weekend in Dallas, which would send the Huskers to the BCS, totally effing everything up. Mizzou could bump all the way up to the Holiday Bowl, which is a difference of, oh, say a little less than $1m from the Insight Bowl. But do you really want Nebraska to upset Texas? That is what would have to happen. So, let's take a look at some opponents.

Minnesota (Insight Bowl)

The bad thing about the Insight Bowl is it's on the NFL Network and kicks off late afternoon on New Year's Eve, aka "Nobody really gives a shit". There's a shot that you won't even be drunk yet. Their trophy looks a lot like the Ocarina from Zelda as well. Good part about playing Minny is Minnesota recruits the hell out of St. Louis. Minny is a 6-6 team, barely making it to a bowl, so you'd have to think an 8-4 Mizzou squad would be favored, and those recruits in St. Louis that Tim Brewster has worked would have a shot to see their in-state school destroy the school that's trying to work them. Just a few names Minnesota has nabbed from the St. Louis area- Bryant Allen, Laurence Maroney, Duane Bennett, Aaron Hill, and Brandon Kirksey just to throw out some recent names. St. Louis is a huge pool that Minnesota recruits. Gary Pinkel could squash three opponents that recruit StL pretty heavy this year- kU, Illannoy, and Minnesota. I like this idea. Nebraska would lose to Texas to make this happen (likely). Arizona in late December isn't bad, but our recruiting pipeline doesn't go through Arizona unless Pinkel's got a surprise for us. The most probable bowl of any scenario.

Michigan State (Insight Bowl/Alamo)

Michigan State was a B10 disappointment. They were ranked preseason fairly high, and struggled mightily. Michigan State really doesn't recruit much of the same area that Mizzou does, so this would possibly be the worst bowl match-up. The way the B10's bowl tie-ins work, this would probably have to happen in the Alamo Bowl, and Texas is more of a recruiting bed for Mizzou than it is for any B10 team. But remember, Mizzou was just in the Alamo Bowl last year. The Mizzou alumni groups might push for any bowl in Texas since there is a large base down there, and the travel attendance and TV ratings last year were very good for the bowl. I just doubt the Alamo Bowl would choose Mizzou again, instead going for a Texas team (Texas Tech more than likely). Of course, the Alamo is on ESPN, so it would have a large viewing audience.

Tennessee (Cotton Bowl)

Nebraska would have to win for this to happen, and Okie State would have to head back to the Holiday for the 2nd year in a row...both doubtful. The Cotton Bowl committee probably had to change their pants after OSU shat themselves in the Bedlam game, denying themselves a shot at a BCS game. If Okie State won, Mizzou had a shot at going to the Cotton with Nebraska likely already throwing down in the Holiday and Texas Tech laying an egg last year in the Cotton Bowl against Ole Miss. The Cotton against Tennessee probably isn't going to happen, but dammit, this would be awesome. A Fox game in arguably, the best non-BCS bowl. The Cotton has to compare with the Capital One bowl, which trying to figure out how the SEC has ties in both is absolute bullshit.

USC or Cal (Holiday Bowl)

With the Nubs having their tickets all but stamped to San Diego, if they pull the upset and roll to the Fiesta, the Holiday is wide open. It could go to Texas Tech or Mizzou. Both probably have a 50/50 shot. The Alamo Bowl has a larger pay-out, so Tech would probably stay there, and Mizzou would go to the Holiday against USC or Cal. A Mizzou/USC match-up would kill. Not sure I would like to go up against USC in a bowl game, but it isn't every day Mizzou gets to rumble with a good Pac-10 opponent. This is an ESPN night game on 12/30 without any other bowls going on. It is the last time the Holiday is going to be a marquee bowl. As awesome as it would be to head to the Holiday Bowl, Nebraska would have to beat Texas and go to the BCS. Do you really want that happening?

Have at it with the poll to the right. Who do you want?

CBS Writer Has Danario #5 on Heisman Ballot E-mail
Written by Big Head   
Monday, 30 November 2009 05:26

Dennis Dodd loves himself some DA.

5. Danario Alexander, Missouri: Slowly and quietly, Alexander has become the best receiver in the country. So slow that he isn't a finalist for the Biletnikoff Award. Against Kansas he caught 15 balls for 233 yards. That was the third time in four games Alexander has surpassed 200 yards. Prior to that, Missouri had three 200-yard games by a receiver in its history.

Tigerboard Comment of the Day 11-29-09 E-mail
Written by The True Son   
Sunday, 29 November 2009 18:23

Via MizzouSunDevil.

After the game...

KU crowd: "Lets Go Jayhawks"

Me: "1-7! 1-7!"

KU Guy: "How many championships have you won?"

Me: "How many games did you win today?"

KU Guy: "How many BCS bowls have you won?"

Me: "We beat your a** the year you won your BCS game and we won the North"

KU Guy: "Wow, you won the North! Big f****** deal"

Me: "Better than last in the North"

Then be brought up slavery and racism....

I respond with "I'll send you back to STL to get shot with your homies"

Whack-A-Jayhawk E-mail
Written by The True Son   
Sunday, 29 November 2009 18:14

Found this posted over on Tigerboard. I'm not sure I've every wanted anything so badly.

Spoon Waving the Black & Gold Proudly E-mail
Written by The True Son   
Sunday, 29 November 2009 17:59

Some decent footage of SPOOOOOOONNNN after the win yesterday:

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