Written by Hank Koebler, IV | 04 April 2011

With the news that Kim English and Laurence Bowers are leaving for the NBA Draft on the heels of Frank Haith's hiring, and with the likely departure of the Pressey brothers to Arkansas, it seems as if Mizzou basketball is in a major downward spiral. For this reason, I've emailed the board of curators, who will be meeting tonight to approve the hire, to ask them not to approve Haith's hiring. I encourage you to do the same, for the reasons outlined in my email. Please keep your emails classy.

To Whom It May Concern:
I am a student at the University of Missouri, and I am extremely concerned about the hiring of Miami Hurricanes head coach Frank Haith. I would like to implore you to decline to approve his hiring tonight. In Haith's best season, his team posted a .500 record in-conference. Someone whose best season included winning only half of their in-conference games simply is not an adequate replacement for Mike Anderson, who brought our basketball program back to respectability after the Quin Snyder debacle.
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Written by Hank Koebler, IV | 19 March 2011

My plans of editing a video package of Blaine Gabbert's pro day were thrown into disarray a few minutes ago when I became aware via CBS Sports of Tulsa, Oklahoma, TV station KTUL's sports director Chris Lincoln tweeting that Mizzou basketball coach Mike Anderson will "be introduced tomorrow in Fayetteville as Razorbacks new head basketball coach."

As of 10:20 p.m. central time, no mention of this tweet has appeared on the websites of KOMU and the Columbia Missourian. While the Columbia Tribune does not mention the tweet, its online sports section's front page features an article citing reports by Tulsa World columnist Jimmie Trammel and Oklahoma City sports anchor Dean Blevin that a deal between Arkansas and Anderson was coming within the next week.

However,  Trammel also said one of his sources claimed "that the hire was a possibility, but not a done deal.”

Kansas City's KCMB 9's Cliff Judy tweeted that "we just talked with Tulsa sports director who tweeted Mike Anderson was leaving Missouri for Arkansas. He says it's not set in stone." In a follow-up tweet, Judy explained that Lincoln meant the announcement would come Monday, but thought today was Sunday when he tweeted. Judy also quoted Lincoln as saying the deal was not set in stone, but "most likely happening."

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Written by Emily Hauger | 17 March 2011

Offense. Defense. Pitching. You name it, Mizzou softball has it.

And the Tigers used every bit of it as they notched another shutout win Wednesday with a 3-0 rout of the Southern Illinois Salukis.

Senior Maria Schweisberger started off the Tigers with a first inning blast. Her second trip around the bases of the season scored fellow senior Rhea Taylor, who tallied three hits of her own during the game.

Missouri’s third run of the game came as Megan Christopher drew a bases loaded  walk in the third inning. Ashley Fleming, who had reached base on a one-out error,
crossed the plate for the Tigers.

On the pitching side, Chelsea Thomas was lights out again for the Tigers. She threw four innings, giving up only two hits and a walk while striking out five. It was Mizzou’s 10th shutout in the last 12 games. The win boosted Thomas to 7-2 on the season.

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Written by Hank Koebler, IV | 14 March 2011

Good morning Mizzou Nation! Grab a cup of coffee and click the links as we catch you up on the latest Mizzou news:

Tyler Gabbert's arm strength has gotten attention as he competes to work his way up the depth chart. 

ESPN's David Ubben says that Mizzou has three quarterbacks who are all capable of leading the offense

The NFL's lockout rules prevent Blaine Gabbert from throwing to current NFL players or free agents at his pro day.

The Columbia Tribune says Mike Anderson and Mike Alden aren't paying attention to the rumors that Anderson could be heading to Arkansas.

The Columbia Missourian's Nick Forrester reports that Kim English is ecstatic about playing in Washington, D.C.

The Columbia Missourian's Ben Frederickson provides the contents of the NCAA's Division I Manual 

Rock M Nation's Bill Connelly looks at what selection Sunday means for the Tigers.

Our own Max Conger looks at the key elements that will determine the course of Thursday's game against Cincinnatti.

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Written by Maximillian Conger | 14 March 2011

I’ve been hurt before, Mizzou.

I’ve lived through a lot of seasons with this men’s basketball team. When I was two years old, I started attending basketball games with my dad. I’ve seen Norm, Quin, and Mike coach the Tigers to a variety of season finishes. I’ve seen Linas Kleiza, Kareem Rush and Wesley Stokes represent my team, among countless others. I’ve seen  Mizzou play the Jayhawks in Mizzou Arena, the Hearnes Center, and, once, I’m not proud to say, Allen Fieldhouse.

And I’ve seen a lot of disappointment in the postseason. Low finishes in the NCAA tournament; several first round finishes in the NIT, and three consecutive seasons where we had no postseason.
So, all I have to ask of the Tigers this Thursday is don’t blow it.

We’re about to face up against a Cincinnati team that averages fewer than 70 points a game and falls in the 164th slot for that statistic. We’re seeded lower than Cincinnati, (and lower than we should be. Five seeding spots and only two losses cover the gap between the two teams...) but we’re a stronger team offensively. As long as Mizzou keeps a level head, has reasonable defense, and doesn’t shoot under 30 percent, we will probably squeak a victory by this Bearcats team.

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Written by Slim | 22 January 2011

Another video courtesy of Mr. Shizz.  Enjoy.

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Written by Slim | 15 January 2011

12th ranked Mizzou takes on 13th ranked Texas A&M today.  The Aggies are the one Big 12 team Mike Anderson has never beaten in his time at Missouri.  Hopefully that changes today.  In honor of today's game, the one and only Mr. Shizz presents us with his latest edition of The Cropduster.  Enjoy. 

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Written by Slim | 14 January 2011

In support of the Free Tony Mitchell campaign, Mr. Shizz has been so kind to create a special edition of his Cropduster series.  He pretty much hits the nail on the head with this one.  As always great work Shizz and FREE TONY!

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Written by Slim | 12 January 2011

Maybe it's too late.  Maybe it's not.  Either way, it's time Mizzou Nation starts demanding some answers.
It's time we get Tony on campus. (Photo by Andy Jacobsohn, Dallas Morning News) 

As passionate Tiger fans, many of you are familiar with the situation surrounding Tony Mitchell. Mitchell was among the elite players in the class of 2010 and after signing a little of intent to play for Mike Anderson became the Missouri basketball program’s most heralded recruit since Kareem Rush.  Unfortunately, his arrival in Columbia has been delayed by an NCAA investigation into his eligibility. After getting involved last year, the NCAA claimed that its investigation into Mitchell’s high school credits and test scores would be finalized in the fall of 2010, which would make it possible for Mitchell to enroll for the spring semester and join the Tigers for the second half of the season.

During the last few months, the Missouri media and athletic department optimistically hoped that Tony Mitchell would be cleared in a timely manner. That was a rosy assumption and wishful thinking. Rather than urging a widespread outcry from Tiger Nation and spotlighting the failure of the NCAA to do its job, Mizzou media and athletics sat on their hands. The problem being that the NCAA is an organization under no obligation to justify its actions (or inaction) in any capacity, and given the lack of public pressure and negative press generated by Missouri, the NCAA had no problem ignoring Tony Mitchell, instead devoting its resources to Kansas and Kentucky where fan-created firestorms forced the NCAA’s hand.  Just this week, when a college basketball reporter asked a couple of people at the NCAA what the latest was on Tony Mitchell, not only did they not have an answer, they didn't even know about the case. That's not their fault -- it's their job to answer questions from the media, not track every eligibility case, and they obviously have not been getting a lot of questions.

Mizzou fans can no longer afford to let the NCAA ignore Tony Mitchell, and it’s time make some noise - Free Tony Mitchell. Admittedly, we should have got this going many months ago, but it is not too late. In order to make sure that the NCAA hears Tiger Nation, we have thrown together a three-pronged mini-campaign that uses 1) Twitter 2) email and 3) phone calls.

Our goal here it to generate an outcry from Tiger Nation that forces the NCAA to rule on Tony Mitchell’s college eligibility.  What do we have to lose?

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Written by Slim | 06 January 2011

Is it possible Roger Goddell could be calling Blaine Gabbert's name first on draft day?

Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck announced he will return to college for his junior season on Thursday, ending speculation he would enter the NFL Draft.

"I am committed to earning my degree in architectural design from Stanford University and am on track to accomplish this at the completion of the spring quarter of 2012," Luck said in a statement.

As a Mizzou fan, why should you care?  This means Blaine Gabbert could potentially be the number one pick in April's draft.  Nearly every draft "expert," rated Luck as the best quarterback in this year's draft class.  Many of those experts, most notably ESPN's Todd McShay, had our boy Blaine ranked second.  In a draft loaded with teams needing quarterbacks, Gabbert's draft stock just rose like Ted Williams' job prospects.

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