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The Real Reason Why Nebraska Left The Big XII E-mail
Written by A Fastidious Hat   
Friday, 02 July 2010 01:12
Big XII Conference meetings, June.

Dan Beebe: Okay everybody, let’s get down to business. We had a great year last year, Texas made it to the BCS National Title Game and other things happened!


: Right. We should all celebrate. Right now.

Tom Osborne: Goddammit Dodds, it’s not like you won the damn thing or anything.

: Just like how your Huskers couldn’t beat my Longhorns in the Big XII Title Game?

: Damn you, Dodds.

: Fantastic. Please, everybody help yourselves to some donuts.

Mike Alden: Can we get on with this, please?

: Right, but only if you thank Texas for being awesome.

: That’s not going to happen, Dan.

: Fine, no donuts for you.

Tom Osborne opens the box of donuts

: What the hell is this, Dan?


: What in the god damned hell are you talking about?

: You know, you just got iced now you have to drink.

Mike Bohn: Bro, you gotta get down on one knee and chug that shit or lose total brospect.

: Bro-what?

: BROSPECT! Do it old man!

: I will do no such thing!

: Well, you could counter-ice him if you have one handy.

: Now why in the hell would a grown man carry around a god damned bottle of Smirnoff Ice?

: To counter-ice, obviously.

: This is ridiculous, I refuse to participate in such insanity.

: You have to! Do it or you’re out of the conference!

: Fine! The Big 10’s been calling me all day looking to bring the Big Red on. Good day gentlemen. I’ll see one of you at the Dallas Football Classic and the rest of you in hell!

Tom Osborne leaves.

: Oh shit, you can just leave like that? Well fuck you guys I’m going to the Pac-10!  So illllllll.

Mike Bohn leaves.

: Oh godammit Dan, now look what you’ve done.

: Bro should have accepted his icing like a man.
Breaking Down Blaine: An In-Depth Look at Missouri's Quarterback (part 2) E-mail
Written by Slim   
Wednesday, 23 June 2010 02:04

Missouri has some question marks heading into 2010.  However, Blaine Gabbert isn’t one of them.  In part two of our three part series, we examine how Gabbert compares to his legendary predecessor, Chase Daniel.

Fair or not, Gabbert is going to draw comparisons to Chase Daniel (photo by Parker Eshelman, Columbia Tribune).

Part 1. Just how good was Gabbert last year?

Part 2. How does Gabbert compare to Chase Daniel?

Part 3. What can we expect from Gabbert this year?


Maybe it’s not fair. Maybe it’s not even relevant. But it is just too tempting to compare Blaine Gabbert to Chase Daniel. Physically, there is no comparison. Gabbert is listed at 6’5 240 pounds and will be a first round NFL draft pick whenever he chooses to be. Daniel on the other hand, was more than a bit undersized. However, their performances through their respective sophomore year's at Mizzou are nearly identical. In his junior campaign Daniel went on to set just about every MU passing record on his way to being a Heisman finalist. If stats are any indication, Gabbert might just follow that same curve in 2010.

So what if Chase Daniel wasn't as tall as his coach?  He still won 30 games in three years as Mizzou's starter.

Both quarterbacks earned playing time as true freshman. Daniel attempted a pass in every game of his freshman season except two. Gabbert only saw the field three times going a whopping 5-13 for 47 yards. However, that didn’t seem to hinder Gabbert in his first year as a fulltime starter.

In their sophomore seasons, both quarterbacks got off to hot starts. Both Daniel’s ’06 and Gabbert’s ’09 teams breezed through their non-conference schedule unscathed. Through non-conference play Daniel had thrown 11 touchdowns and one interception. In his non-conference schedule Gabbert threw 11 touchdowns and no interceptions.

But after fast starts were disappointing finishes. The ’06 version ended the year 8-5 capped by a disappointing Sun Bowl loss. Along the way, Mizzou lost to both ranked opponents they played (OU at home, Oregon State in Sun Bowl). They also had an embarrassing loss to Iowa State.

The ’09 Tigers fared similarly. They ended the season 8-5 and lost to all three ranked opponents (Nebraska, Oklahoma State, and Texas). The year ended with a frustrating loss in the Texas Bowl. They also had an embarrassing loss to Baylor.

But beyond team similarities are the individual similarities. Daniel set MU passing records (that he would later break…twice) as a sophomore by completing 63.5 percent of his passes for 3,527 yards, 28 touchdowns, and compiling a 145.06 quarterback rating. Daniel also rushed for four touchdowns. That’s eerily similar to Gabbert’s sophomore campaign where he completed 58.9 percent of his passes for 3,593 yards, 24 touchdowns and achieved a quarterback rating of 140.45. He also rushed for three touchdowns.

We all know what happened after Chase’s sophomore season. He erupted on the national scene leading Mizzou to the nation’s number one ranking, a 12-2 record, and a Cotton Bowl win. He completed a mind-boggling 69 percent of his passes. His 4,306 passing yards and 33 touchdowns were both in the top six nationally. Can we expect the same from Blaine?

Well, Chase had one major advantage. In 2007 Missouri had its greatest receiving corps in school history. Check out Daniel’s top targets from 2007:

Jeremy Maclin – first round NFL draft pick

Martin Rucker – fourth round NFL draft pick

Will Franklin – fourth round NFL draft pick

Chase Coffman – third round NFL draft pick

Danario Alexander – led NCAA in receiving yards as a senior

Tommy Saunders – spent time on Buccaneers and Lions’ roster

Jared Perry – currently on 49ers roster

If we go ahead and assume DA will spend time on an NFL roster soon, that’s seven receivers that went on to at least have a chance in the NFL. Not many teams have ever boasted so many threats. Daniel was great as a junior but it never hurts when your receivers are that good. Meanwhile, Gabbert’s top seven receivers for his junior year will look something like this:

Jerrell Jackson – 46 career catches, 2 TD’s

Wes Kemp – 24 career catches, 3 TD’s

Rolandis Woodland – Five career catches

L’Damian Washington – No career catches

TJ Moe – Two career catches

Michael Egnew – Three career catches

Andrew Jones – 28 career catches

This is not to say that Mizzou’s receivers won’t have breakout seasons in 2010, but I think it’s safe to give the advantage to the ’07 crew.

As a junior, Daniel faced four ranked opponents in the regular season (#23 Nebraska, #5 Oklahoma, #21 Texas Tech, and #2 kU). Mizzou went 3-1 in those games. As a junior it is likely that Gabbert will face only three ranked opponents. Texas A&M, Nebraska, and Oklahoma will all likely be ranked when Mizzou faces them. If Mizzou can snag two or three wins against those opponents it is likely 2010 could go as well as 2007.

From his sophomore to junior season Daniel improved his numbers and went from a solid Big 12 quarterback to a national star. Let’s say Gabbert’s stats improved exactly as Daniel’s did from sophomore to junior year. That means Gabbert will complete nearly 64 percent of his passes for more than 4,300 yards, 29 touchdowns and only 10 interceptions this coming season. That would easily rank him as a top 10 BCS conference quarterback, and if you ask me, that’s not out of the question. Most importantly, if Gabbert follows Daniel’s ascension, Mizzou would also win four more games than they did last season, and I think that’s something we’re all hoping to see.

It’s probably not fair to Blaine to compare him to Chase Daniel. Every year is different and every situation is different. But after seeing what Daniel did for Mizzou football in his time here, maybe it’s not such a bad thing after all.

Facebook Friday 6/18 E-mail
Written by Slim   
Friday, 18 June 2010 10:11

In honor of Leo Lyons recently joining twitter I thought we'd feature him on Facebook Friday.  After averaging 14.6 points, six rebounds, and two assists as a senior for Mizzou's 2009 Elite Eight team, Lyons now plays professionally in Israel.  He averaged nearly nine points and five rebounds for Hapoel Midgal Jerusalem this past season.  The smooth shooting Lyons also shot over 58 percent from the field.

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit about Lyons is that he's also an aspiring rapper.  With the stage name of "6 Plus,"  Lyons and former Mizzou safety William Moore are part of a rap group known as "Fa Sho Entertainment."  Personally, my favorite track with 6 Plus and Willy Mo on it is the "Fa Sho Theme."

Anyway, here are the photos....

See, told you he like music. Check out Leo on the drums... And is that Marshall Brown on guitar?

Speaking of former players, check out this one.  Glen Dandridge, Jason Horton, Marshall Brown, Keon Lawrence, Matt Lawrence, Leo, and Nick Berardini  all in this photo.

In case you didn't click the link above, proof of "6 Plus's" rap career.

Enjoy the weekend Mizzou fans.


We Are Mizzou E-mail
Written by Slim   
Tuesday, 15 June 2010 01:10

The conference has changed.  Opinions have changed.  But one thing remains the same.

(Video courtesy of

Two teams, seven months, and dozens of anonymous sources later, the dust in the Big 12 Conference appears to have settled. From the possibility of superconferences and Armageddon, Mizzou has been relegated to the anticlimactic reality of life in a ten team Big 12. So the question is, now what?

As fans so often do, Mizzou supporters seem to disagree on this one. There are those of you who are relieved. Finally, the speculation is over. Mizzou keeps its BCS status, gets more money, and fans no longer have to worry about dragging their tiger tails to a Mountain West showdown against someone like New Mexico.

Then there are those of you who feel the way I do: disappointed. Remaining in the Big 12 is safe, but playing things safe rarely takes you to new heights. Weeks ago we were assured by many sources that Mizzou was a lock for the Big 10. Our beloved university was destined for equal revenue sharing, more money, and increased respect in a new college landscape. Then, earlier today it looked like Missouri might be SEC bound. Incredible football and a chance to be a “big dog,” in hoops presented an intriguing option.

Instead, we are “rescued,” by Texas and their “generosity,” for staying in the Big 12. Let’s make this clear. Texas is not saving anybody. They are strictly acting in their own best interest. In this weakened Big 12, Texas stands to make more money, start their own television network and further the gap between the Big 12 “haves,” and “have-nots.” If only Missouri could have acted so aggressively.

Missouri coaches and fans griped about the old Big 12 on three main accounts:

  1. Revenue was not shared equally.
  2. Mizzou was repeatedly snubbed for bowl games.
  3. In general, Mizzou was deemed “second-tier,” compared to certain schools in the conference.

Well, this new conference that the brain trust of Deaton and co. are so proud to be part of solves exactly zero of those problems. If Dan Beebe’s new TV deal actually comes to fruition, Mizzou will make more money than it did. That is the good news. However, the money will not be shared equally. Texas is reportedly guaranteed up to $25 million in the new deal and other teams like Mizzou will get $14-17 million. In addition, MU is about to sign into this punishment deal for 18 years.

The conference bowl selection process remains the same, so like it has happened so many times before, a team with a worse record could still be chosen for a better bowl game. Given Mizzou’s national perception lately, I don’t like the Tiger’s chances.

Finally, if this week proved nothing else it is that Missouri is definitely perceived as “second-tier.” Now, I know that the University of Missouri is not second-tier. I am proud to attend school here. In football, only UT and OU have won more games in the past three seasons. In basketball, as long as MU has Mike Anderson at the helm, the Tigers are a force to be reckoned with.

However, perception is reality for Missouri. The Tigers were passed over by the Big 10 for the Nubs, an afterthought for the SEC, and even on the radar for the Mountain West Conference. As if that’s not enough, Nebraska gave Mizzou one last cheap shot by blaming them for “starting the whole process,” and meanwhile T. Boone Pickens refuses to acknowledge Mizzou’s presence in the new Big 12, stating the conference only has nine teams. This mess has certainly given Missouri a nice helping of humble pie.

The situation stinks. Mizzou thought it was Big 10 bound and then dropped the ball. Fans have the right to be upset. However, at the end of the day this is the university that we support. This is the team we’ve come to love. Are you a Mizzou fan because they play in a particular conference? Are you a Mizzou fan because they played Nebraska and Colorado every year? Or are you a Mizzou fan because this is the team you grew up loving? Because this is the school you went to? Or the state you live in? At the end of the day this is our University and our team. I don’t give a damn who we play. I don’t go to games to see the opponent. I don’t support Mizzou because they play in a particular conference. I support Missouri because this is my school. This is my team.

So go ahead Nebraska, run to the Big 10. We can’t blame you. And go ahead Texas, keep your arrogance and fat TV deal. I am going to continue to support Mizzou.

As the signs all over the Mizzou Athletic Training Complex say, “We Are Mizzou.” And that remains true no matter who we play or how much money we get for doing so.


Conference Reshuffle E-mail
Written by PRF   
Sunday, 13 June 2010 17:27



For all of the talk about Mizzou being in trouble if the Big 10 doesn’t take them on, I think there may be a fairly nice alternative. Everyone is panicking: Mizzou could go to the Mountain West. Oh No! Well, how about Oh Yes!  It certainly isn't the SEC, but it's not the Sun Belt either.

For the last few years, the Mountain West conference has been one of the best in football. Utah has won two BCS games in the last 5 years and deserved a shot at the National Championship in 2005 and 2009. TCU went to a BCS game last year. BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall hasn’t hidden the fact that he wants to bring the program up to the level of its glory days in the 80s and 90s, when under LaVell Edwards they were a top program. Think that win against Oklahoma to open the season raised some believers? Boise State is now onboard and who can forget their two undefeated seasons in the last five years. People (including myself) have knocked on their weak scheduling, but been silenced when they steamroll opponents in BCS games. It is obvious that Utah, TCU, BYU, and Boise State have been light years better than the collective Big 12 North over the past five seasons.

So now it’s reshuffling time. Here is my proposal: We break up the Mountain West and take the remaining Big 12 teams to form a new conference. Let’s call it the Great American Conference. Here’s what it would look like:



Kansas State

Iowa State





Boise State


Air Force

New Mexico

This grouping would legitimately make the Great American Conference very, very good. I know I am going to pick up some critics for this, but I honestly believe Missouri would only be the 4th best football program in the conference behind Utah, TCU, and Boise State (not in any order). BYU would follow up as a very strong 5th team.


Make no mistake: The Mountain West has premiere football programs, including TCU.

I’m telling you, all of the Midwesterners and Mizzou fans need to get off their high horse and realize how good the top of the Mountain West Conference is. Utah, TCU, Boise State, and BYU are not kidding around. The conference has four teams at its head that want to play in BCS games every year. The addition of Boise State all but seals the conference as having four teams at the top that could compete with anyone else’s top four, except for the SEC.

For those of you thinking that there is still some weakness to the bottom of the conference, then you could think about removing a couple of the teams from the picture and making it an even stronger 10-team conference. The most likely removals would be New Mexico, Air Force, Iowa State and Baylor.

From a basketball perspective, the Great American Conference is pretty impressive too. Kansas would undoubtedly be the top program and the Mountain West has let it be known that they covet Kansas for its hoops team. Around Kansas would be a deep group of good programs, with none of them marking themselves as the clear No. 2. Mizzou, Kansas State, Baylor, BYU, New Mexico and UNLV were all tournament teams in 2010. Mizzou was a 3-seed in 2009. Kansas State, Baylor and New Mexico were all top 3-seeds in 2010. Utah has had a good program historically and used to be one of the top programs in the country when Rick Majerus was there in the 90s. The Utes generally make the tournament every other year, but expect visits to the Dance to become more frequent in the coming years. New Mexico is famed for “The Pit” and its home court is considered one of the toughest places to play in the nation.

The basketball layout is good and deep, but outside of Kansas it lacks some of the powerhouses at the top. The football layout has those powerhouses; they just need a chance to prove it. Of course it would be better for Mizzou if we hooked up with the formerly named Pac 10 or Big 10 conferences. But, from the rumors swirling, that is unlikely to occur. If we are being shunned everywhere else, why not make the Great American Conference happen?

Facebook Friday: 6/11 E-mail
Written by Slim   
Friday, 11 June 2010 08:33

We interrupt your conference expansion coverage and return to some sense of normalcy with the return of Facebook Friday.

This week's player is Jerrell Jackson.  The Houston native who came to Mizzou as a two-star recruit emerged last season making 37 catches for 458 yards and two touchdowns.  If Mizzou has any chance of replacing the production left by Danario Alexander, Jackson is going to have to have a big year in 2010.

Jerrell Jackson, good guy,

graduated from the streets,


and oh yeah, made one of the greatest catches you'll ever see.
Stepping Away From the Ledge E-mail
Written by Slim   
Thursday, 10 June 2010 08:52

Mizzou might be alright after all.

The sports world has been polluted with so much crap in the last 24 hours it's hard to keep it straight.  Yesterday, I made a post about how Mizzou looked like it was on the outside looking in when it comes to conference expansion.  After thinking things through a little longer, I think everything is going to be just fine.

All reports are say Mike Alden was very calm yesterday.  He, along with everyone else at Mizzou hasn't had much to say about conference realignment.  The silence can be frustrating at times for fans.  However, yesterday Alden went so far as to say Missouri is in, "a good place."  On the verge of getting left out is not a good place.  Would he say that if really thought Mizzou was going to be left out?

Why would Mizzou maintain such a strict silence if the Big 12 was about to dissolve and leave Mizzou out in the cold?  Wouldn't they be calling the Big 12 South schools pleading them to keep the conference together?  Kansas has had to beg other schools to stay because they have no alternatives.  Missouri hasn't done that.  I don't think Missouri would be playing it so cool it was about to be forced into some second rate conference.

Also, consider the possibility that the Big Ten might expand in waves.  They said that was a possibility from the very beginning. First they take Nebraska.  The Big 12 South schools have said without Nebraska, the Big 12 will fall apart.  They didn't say the same thing about Missouri.  So the Big Ten steals Nebraska first, which forces the Big 12 South (minus Baylor, plus CU) to join the PAC-10.  At which point, the Big 12 officially falls into chaos. At that point, the Big Ten then scoops up Missouri who not only wouldn't be blamed for ruining the Big 12, but they may not have to pay exit fines for doing so.

In addition, Mizzou is still the same appealing choice to the Big Ten it was months ago.  The number of TV sets (the driving factor in all this) in the state hasn't changed, the revenue capabilities of the Mizzou athletic department hasn't changed, and the academic standards of the university have not changed.  The only thing that has changed is that more and more "journalists," are in such a hurry to break news that they're doing themselves more harm than good.

Finally, don't believe everything you read.  Personally, I think local sites like and the Columbia Tribune have a better read on Mizzou than anything you'll hear on ESPN.  Also, many of the idiots on sports radio are clueless.  Kevin Kietzman has no idea what he's talking about when he says "a bomb has been dropped on Columbia," and people in the Mizzou's athletic department are walking around shocked and dazed.  Much more reliable sources say that is far from the truth.

With all the crap out there, it is easy to get worked up.  Missouri is getting virtually no love from anybody right now.  A lot of that has to do with the fact that Mizzou administrators have remained silent on the whole issue.  They're acting professionally and respectfully.  Journalists write about people who call them back and Missouri isn't necessarily doing that.  In the next few days, things might sound pretty grim.  But in the end, I think things will be OK.  Missouri's silence might prove to be golden.

Conference Expansion: Panic Time? E-mail
Written by Slim   
Wednesday, 09 June 2010 17:07

(UPDATED: 8:55 PM at bottom of post)

The expansion thing has gotten old.  I've tried to abstain from writing about it for as long as possible.  But in light of Nebraska's apparent departure from the Big 12, I'm pressing the panic button.

When these rumors began months ago, it looked like Mizzou was destined for greener pastures.  More money and more exposure were certain to come Missouri's way when it joined the world's first "superconference."

Now, a feeling that is all too familiar as a Mizzou fan is sinking in.  We're about to get kicked in the nuts.  Everyone from Joe Schad to the infamous Chip Brown is reporting Nebraska is going to the Big Ten.  Initially most people assumed Nebraska and Mizzou were a package deal.  The fact, that Nebraska is about to make this announcement and Missouri is not, is troublesome.

Here's the latest ways Mizzou gets screwed from what I've read (take this for what it's worth):

Screwing number 1: The Big Ten adds Nebraska and no one else.  The Big 12 South schools (maybe Colorado instead of Baylor), bolt for the PAC Ten and Mizzou is left in the dust with kU, K-State, Iowa State, and Baylor/Colorado.

Screwing number 2: The Big Ten adds Nebraska, Notre Dame, and Rutgers.  The Big Ten obviously wants Notre Dame and they end up choosing the TV sets of NYC over Missouri.  The Big 12 South situation happens as described above.

Meanwhile, I could be overreacting (very possible) and tomorrow I could be writing about Mizzou's move to the Big Ten.  For now, I'm not holding my breath.

- On a side note, how messed up is the Big 12?  You know a conference is bad when every conference member is forced to look out for themselves only.  It just shows how poor of a job Dan Beebe and co. have done with the conference.  There is no leadership and no unity.

Alright, rant over.

UPDATE - Here's a new situation not many people have brought up.  A new rumor says that Mizzou, Texas, Texas A&M, and Notre Dame will join Nebraska in the new Big Ten.

I buy it because:

There have been reports that Texas and Texas A&M will be meeting soon to discuss conference realignment.  Originally, everyone assumed this meant discussing the PAC 10, but maybe not.

Notre Dame said a few weeks ago they would only join a conference if it looked like super-conferences were the direction college sports were heading.  If true, this would be one very, very powerful conference.

I don't buy it because:

I can't see A&M and Texas ditching Texas Tech.

I can't see Texas joining a conference where they would have to take a backseat to established powers like Ohio State and Penn State.

Why would Texas be dogging Mizzou like they have been if they're both going to the same place?

How come this information is just coming out now?

The waiting game continues....


Live Footage of Big 12 Meetings E-mail
Written by Slim   
Monday, 07 June 2010 23:37

Here at Mizzourah we haven't said much about the whole conference realignment situation chaos.  I'll be honest, I have no inside information and my guess is as good as yours.  I figured you'd rather get your updates on Dan Beebe's idiocy from real sportswriters rather than me.  But finally, we're able to bring you a video that pretty much sums up the entire situation.  It's pretty good stuff if you're familiar with characters like reporter Chip Brown and Dan Beebe.  Enjoy.


Mizzourah Exclusive: Q&A with Kim English E-mail
Written by Slim   
Saturday, 05 June 2010 12:43

Recently, I caught up with Kim English to get his thoughts on the upcoming season, the incoming recruits, and his future.



  1. First of all, how have you been? What have you been up to this off-season?

“I’ve been good man, just sleeping at night and grinding hard during the day. Just playing ball a lot and trying to take my game to the next level.”


  1. I’ve heard you’ve been working on your midrange game a lot. How’s that coming?

“Last year I took a lot of shots I didn’t want to take. I forced things a bit. Now I’ve realized if I improve my ball handling I can get by guys. But when I can’t get by them, now I can just stop and shoot over them. It’ll be nice to have a little midrange game to be able to do that. Sam Cassell has been up to the gym I play at a few times this summer. I’ve been working with him, trying to learn from him, because in my mind he has one of the best midrange games of all time.”


  1. What motivates you?

"Whatever I do, I want to be the best at it. I want to win a national championship. I want to be the best basketball player to ever come through Mizzou. I want to be the basketball ever. Now to some that may seem far-fetched, but that’s why I’m working. I’m workin’ to be the best. It may sound like a lot, but it’s true. If I shoot for that, even if I don’t necessarily make it, I’ll still be in some good company."

“I want to win a national championship. I want to be the best basketball player to ever come through Mizzou… I’m workin’ to be the best.”

- Kim English


4. Is winning a national championship reasonable?

“Yeah, it’s reasonable. We have a good chance for a lot of reasons. We’re a talented team and if we play the right way we definitely have a good chance.”


5. The incoming recruiting class has been a popular subject for fans this summer. What are your thoughts on the incoming guys?

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