As March Madness closes in, the value for college basketball handicappers is just heating up.

But being able to spot the best teams in the NCAA tournament is more than just following the top-seeded teams. Smart bettors need to pay attention to those teams flying under the radar. These are the ones that the betting public never pays attention to, the Cinderella teams that play good no matter how little attention they receive.

If handicappers can zero in on those teams before anyone else does, then they stand a really good chance of locking in on some very good value.

To assist college basketball handicappers in spotting those teams, we have put together a few useful tips. These tips come courtesy of sports information traders the worlds number one sports betting service http://sportsinformationtraders.com/college-basketball-picks-and-parlays/

The first, and most important thing for handicappers to notice, is the strength of a team’s schedule.

For example, if a team closes out the regular season with a less than impressive, 19-11 record, then it’s likely that the general public will not pay a lot of attention to them. However, if that team has played one of the toughest schedules in the country, then they are probably better than their record shows.

Conversely, a team that has an impressive record, 25-5, but played a cupcake schedule, might just be a team that could be exposed come tournament time. The caveat to that however, is a team that is destroying conference competition.

The betting public doesn’t give much respect to many conferences that fall outside of the limelight and if there is a particularly strong team that comes out of an smaller conference, it is likely that many people will not pick up on them. If that's the case, there is a very good chance at finding some great value.

Next, in the same vein, handicappers should be on the lookout for teams that raise the bar against top ranked opponents, especially on the road. Because tournament games are played at neutral sites, these teams can be dangerous once March rolls around. These teams are easy to spot, in that they tend to cover the spread against good teams but fail consistently against lesser teams.

Finally, college basketball handicappers need to be aware of teams that have recently added or lost a key player, and ones that have experienced coaches who have played in the big games before.

It's not uncommon for college basketball teams to add or lose a new player to their roster just before tournament time. This could occur for many reasons such as, player injury, suspension or transfer. Whatever the reason, handicappers need to be keyed in on a team that adds or loses a player mid season, as it could dramatically change the chemistry of that team and how good it is likely to perform come March Madness.

A lot of that can also depend on a team's coach.

Coaching is important in all sports, but even more so in college basketball, and especially come tournament time, as teams face enormous pressure, and how they handle it is often reflected in its coach.

Leadership comes from a team's coach, and a coach who has played in the big games in March is one to really take a look at.

On the other hand, if a coach has consistently failed during tournament time, it's probably a wise idea for handicappers to avoid the team he is leading.