With the news that Kim English and Laurence Bowers are leaving for the NBA Draft on the heels of Frank Haith's hiring, and with the likely departure of the Pressey brothers to Arkansas, it seems as if Mizzou basketball is in a major downward spiral. For this reason, I've emailed the board of curators, who will be meeting tonight to approve the hire, to ask them not to approve Haith's hiring. I encourage you to do the same, for the reasons outlined in my email. Please keep your emails classy.

To Whom It May Concern:
I am a student at the University of Missouri, and I am extremely concerned about the hiring of Miami Hurricanes head coach Frank Haith. I would like to implore you to decline to approve his hiring tonight. In Haith's best season, his team posted a .500 record in-conference. Someone whose best season included winning only half of their in-conference games simply is not an adequate replacement for Mike Anderson, who brought our basketball program back to respectability after the Quin Snyder debacle.

Curator Wayne Goode has told the Columbia Tribune's Janese Silvey that it is not the curators' job to decide who to hire to be Mizzou's basketball coach. While that would normally be true, in this case the board needs to step in and say no to this gross misuse of Mizzou's money.
On the heels of the announcement of Haith's hiring, Kim English and Laurence Bowers both declared for the NBA Draft. In concurrence with the Pressey brothers' likely departure to Arkansas, our basketball program will likely be decimated. Basketball and football are two of the biggest revenue sources for colleges, so if our basketball program completely loses relevance, as it appears poised to do, we will lose revenue that could have been used to provide scholarships for students who need financial attendance to pursue an education at this university.
In these tough economic times, where endowments are down and enrollment is up, is it fair to allow what was just this year a rapidly growing basketball program to sink back into mediocrity and irrelevance? While athletics should in no way be a school's primary concern, it is an unfortunate reality that athletics provide an opportunity to bring in a ton of money, and business decisions that affect the athletics department affect every student at the University of Missouri.
For these reasons, please step in and say no to the hiring of Frank Haith. If we can get a big-name coach to convince English and Bowers to stay, they along with Marcus Denmon can provide a solid foundation to help Mizzou stay competitive and have a chance of returning to the Elite Eight again. This is in the best interest of Mizzou basketball, whose profitability benefits all of us.
Hank Koebler, IV
UPDATE: A large amount of readers have inferred that I don't realize Bowers and English can still come back to Mizzou. However, if they have to decide between playing in the NBA or playing for a coach who was .500 in-conference in his BEST season, who in their right mind would choose Mizzou over the NBA right now? Regarding the transfer rules for the Pressey brothers: mea culpa. The NCAA rules are a jungle of regulations and loopholes; I didn't realize juco transfers can't transfer to another NCAA school. The point still remains: losing English, Bowers, and Phil Pressey would be huge.