We examine who's stock is rising and who's is falling following Mizzou's win over San Diego State.

Three Up:

up_arrow TJ Moe - So. - WR.

Through the game's first 59 minutes TJ Moe was having, for his standards, a very average game.  Prior to what's being dubbed the "Mid-Moe Miracle," Moe only had six catches for 51 yards.  Then he made "the play."  Yes, his stock was already ridiculously high through Mizzou's first two games, but when you make that move, in that situation, to score that touchdown, you're on a whole different level.  Even ESPN noticed Moe's heroics, awarding his play as the weekend's number three play in their "Top 10."  Props to Jerrell Jackson for that block too.

up_arrow Michael Egnew - Jr. - TE

Forgotten in the hype around Moe, is the fact that Michael Egnew has single-handedly reestablished the tight end position for Missouri.  He set career highs Saturday with 13 catches for 145 yards.  Numbers like those might remind Mizzou fans of another tight end who wore number 82.  Egnew leads the nation in catches by a tight end, and is the nation's fourth leading receiver overall.  Not too shabby.

up_arrow Will Ebner - Jr. - LB

When you are forced to sit out the season's first two games, your stock doesn't really have anywhere else to go but up in week three.  However, Ebner wasted no time in reminding everyone why he's considered one of the hardest hitters in the Big 12.  He laid several big hits and his nine tackles led the team.  Ebner also forced a fumble that was recovered by Mizzou, but replay officials overturned the call.

Three Down:

down_arrow Blaine Gabbert - Jr. - QB

You look at his stats (351 yards, two total TD's) and they don't look all that bad.  But anyone who saw the game knows Blaine wasn't at his best against the Aztecs.  Gabbert had been incredibly efficient through Missouri's first two games completing 76 percent of his passes.  On Saturday, he completed only 55 percent of his 51 attempts.  Granted, the Missouri receivers didn't help, dropping several passes.  However, Gabbert's two fourth quarter interceptions nearly cost the Tigers the game.  On Monday, Gabbert himself admitted he didn't play his best against SDSU.

down_arrow Tackling

For the most part, the Tiger defense played a solid game against San Diego State.  However, giving up TD runs of 75 and 93 yards is never a good thing.  On each long TD run, multiple players had a chance to tackle Ronnie Hillman and it just didn't happen.  I'm still baffled as to how Kevin Rutland managed to chase Hillman down and then fail to make the tackle on the 93 yarder.  On the 75 yard run, SDSU likely was just trying to run out the clock before halftime.  Instead, they ended up in the endzone.  I don't think this is a permanent problem, or a sign of things to come, but it just wasn't a strong point for the Tigers on Saturday.

down_arrow Wes Kemp - Jr. - WR

Wes, where are you buddy?  I've never figured this one out.  When you see Wes Kemp the guy just looks like a good wide receiver.  Had he not dropped that one pass at Oklahoma State last year that everybody remembers, I don't think we'd ever hear a thing about Kemp having bad hands.  He doesn't have bad hands.  Yet for some reason he seems to be the forgotten man in Missouri's offense.  He and Gabbert are friends and former roommates.  How he doesn't get more balls his way is a mystery to me.  Saturday Kemp had zero catches.  It seems that Gabbert would rather force balls to Moe or Egnew than look in Kemp's direction.  Last year, Kemp had a disappointing 23 receptions.  This year he's only on pace for 24.  He's Mizzou's fourth leading receiver, but there is a large disparity between Kemp and the top three guys (Moe, Egnew, Jackson).