I apologize for getting this up so late in the day, but better late than never right?  Also, Mr. and Mrs. Slim just arrived in town so I'm going to keep this one quick.  I'll get back to the full breakdown next week.

San Diego State is off to a solid, yet untested start to their season.  Sure they've looked good, but then again they've played Nicholls State and New Mexico State.  I spoke with two SDSU fans yesterday and it sounds like the Aztec fans feel similarly about their team as Mizzou fans feel about the Tigers.  They're pleased with how things have gone thus far but they're reserving judgment about the team until after they play Mizzou.

I'll speak for myself and say I feel the same way about the Tigers.  If they handle their business tomorrow and come out with a 20-plus point win, I think it's a sign that this year's team is going to be a real threat in the Big 12.  Now, if SDSU comes out and throws for 300 yards like they have in their first two games and this one comes down to the wire, I think that's a bad sign for Mizzou.

By now, you've probably heard the Aztecs boast some pretty good position players.  But when programs are rebuilding, or in SDSU's case, just plain old building (you can't call it rebuilding when your last bowl win was 37 year ago), the last area to be built is usually the offensive and defensive lines.  That right there is the difference in this game.

Mizzou will generate a pass rush that this team isn't used to facing.  Ryan Lindley is a good quarterback, but he hasn't faced any pressure yet.  I think Aldon, Jacquies, Michael Sam, Ryan Madison, and everyone else up front will make Lindley uncomfortable.  I'm interested to see if the secondary will continue to take advantage.

Offensively for Mizzou, I'd be surprised if they don't score more than five touchdowns.  The Tigers starters have put up 53 points in the last four quarters and one possession.  I look for them to continue to roll.

Prediction: Mizzou wins 38-17, forces a couple of turnovers and Blaine Gabbert throws for 300 yards for the first time in 2010.