After a nearly perfect performance by Blaine Gabbert and co., the pessimists don't have much to complain about. (AP photo).

Mizzou fans (myself included) can overreact at times.  Some always point out the negatives, others are hopelessly optimistic.  In the second installment of our weekly series, The Optimist vs. The Pessimist, I make the argument of both sides about the weekend's game.

The optimist says...

1.  Mizzou Dominated

From the opening kickoff Missouri dominated this game.  It was over by the end of the first quarter.  Good teams put inferior opponents away early and that's exactly what Mizzou did.  Missouri scored on its first four possessions, didn't face a third down until their third possession, and held McNeese State scoreless for the game's first 48 minutes.

2.  Henry Josey!

The running game, in particular Henry Josey, proved that Missouri has a run game that other teams need to respect.  I don't care who the opponent is, anytime a running back can rack up 112 yards and three touchdowns on just seven carries, the running game is ok.  Overall,  Missouri rushed for 193 yards on 30 carries.

3.  The D was awesome

The Tiger defense forced five turnovers, held the Cowboys to less than 250 total yards, allowed just two yards per carry against the run, recorded three sacks, a safety, and a blocked punt.  That is all.

4.  Blaine was nearly perfect

Blaine continued to show improvements on Saturday completing 26 of his 31 passes.  His 84 percent completion percentage is a school record.  He completed his first 15 passes of the game.  Again, I don't care if it's an FCS opponent, or practice or whatever.  Anytime a quarterback can complete 84 percent of his passes, he's doing something right.

5.  P-T for the young guys

Overall, 62 players played on Saturday.  That's valuable learning experience for younger players.  Among guys recording their first statistics in a Missouri uniform were Marcus Murphy, Marcus Lucas, Gahn McGaffie, James Franklin, and Josh Tatum.

The pessimist says...

1.  Too many penalties

Missouri was penalized eight times for 85 yards.  That's not exactly the sign of a well disciplined team.  Against an opponent with an actual pulse, those mistakes could prove to be costly.

2.  Could have scored more

Yes 50 points is a lot, but Missouri could have let the younger guys move the ball more.  Gary Pinkel even went as far as to say he didn't want to score.

"I told Dave Yost, 'I don't want to score,'" Pinkel said. "'I don't want to score.'"

What?  Who doesn't want to score?  If McNeese State can't stop Missouri's second and third stringers, that's their problem.  Give James Franklin and the reserves a chance to show what they can do.

3.  McNeese who?

Let's not get too carried away here.  Anything other than a blowout would have been a bad sign.  Don't give me this crap about McNeese being a highly rated FCS team and forget the Virginia Tech and kU examples.  McNeese State has 20 fewer scholarship players and was being paid $450,000 by Mizzou to take that beating.  If Missouri doesn't win this game by 40 there's a problem.  The fact that they did shouldn't be too highly celebrated.