College football fans are obsessed with the Heisman Trophy.  Or at least the media is.  More so than any other sport's equivalent, fans and/or the media are consumed by who might win college football's biggest honor.  So what if the college football season is only a week old?  Never too early to start throwing our two cents worth into the ring.

Another great Bloguin Network football blog, Randall Simon's Sausages, asked me to participate in their Bloguin Network Heisman poll.  So here it is ladies and gentlemen, my week one votes for Heisman.

- Note:  While I could spend all day discussing, writing, or reading about the Missouri Tigers, I consider myself quite average when it comes to the national scene.  Anyway, here's how I voted.  Feel free to discuss/ criticize as you feel warranted.


Denard Robinson ran his way into first place in my book (AP photo).

1st Place (3 points): Denard Robinson - Michigan

I don't think he'll be in the race all season long, but he was week's one most impressive player.  Combined for 383 yards and two scores.  Oh yeah, he only threw three incompletions as well.
2nd Place (2 points): Kellen Moore - Boise State
Monday wasn't his best game, but that final drive is what Heisman candidates do.
3rd Place (1 point): Daniel Thomas - Kansas State
Might be a bit of Big 12 homerism here, but he looked like the real deal while rushing for 234 yards and 2 TD's against a decent UCLA team.  He is the K-State offense.
Daniel Thomas had his way against UCLA (Photo from LA Times).
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