As I wrote last week, one of the great Bloguin Network blogs, Randall Simon's Sausages, polls all the Bloguin writers for their Heisman picks each week.  Admittedly, I wouldn't consider myself worthy of a Heisman vote, but hey, they asked me to vote so I'll vote.

Here's my week two ballot.  As always, feel free to discuss and/or criticize as much as you'd like.


Hmm that looks an awful lot like the Heisman pose... (AP photo)

#1 (3 points): Denard Robinson - Michigan

Duh.  If you haven't noticed, this guy is good.  Robinson was my top choice last week and he'll stay there this week after setting a Michigan record with 502 total yards against Notre Dame.  Against the Irish he combined for more than 90% of Michigan's offense.  He now leads the nation in rushing.  There isn't a player in college football who is more fun to watch.

#2 (2 points): Terrelle Pryor - Ohio State

He's like Robinson except his stats aren't as good and he's not quite as fun to watch.  This week he combined for 346 yards and two TD's in Ohio State's anticlimactic win over Miami in the so-called, "Showdown in the 'Shoe."



This isn't just Big 12 bias.  Dude is good. (AP photo)

#3 (1 point): Kendall Hunter - Oklahoma State

I should have had him on my ballot last week, so now I'm playing catch-up.  Hunter has more rushing yards than anyone in the country not named Denard Robinson.  He added another 157 yards and two touchdowns this week as Oklahoma State survived a close one with Troy.

That's just my ballot.  See the full poll here.

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