Blaine Gabbert didn't have to do too much as Mizzou breezed through Miami (OH).  Photo by Eve Edelheit, Columbia Missourian.

Texas' loss to UCLA shook up the rankings this week.  With the loss, the committee was forced to make a new selection for the number one spot.  I did not deliberate too much on it, but some could still argue a 1A and 1B criterion at the top of the Big Tweeze.  By the way, there is a new rising star at number three.  I think most of you will like it.

1. Nebraska (4-0) PVS: 3 - Win 17-3 vs. South Dakota St. Next @Kansas St.

With the Texas loss, Nebraska is now the new No. 1 atop the No. 1 Big 12 Power Rankings list. Let’s be honest. The Huskers didn’t do anything to impress me this weekend. They beat up on a winless SDSU team. But with the Texas loss and the OU scare vs. Cincinnati, Pelini’s bunch has done enough to earn the top spot. Taylor Martinez had three turnovers in this one, but we will cut the freshman a break because this was the first game he looked short of phenomenal.

2. Oklahoma (4-0) PVS: 2 - Win 31-29 vs. Cincinnati. Next vs. Texas

If I’m managing a fantasy football college team I want Landry Jones as my QB.  370 yards, 2 TD and a pick will do it for me every time.

3. Mizzou (4-0) PVS: 5 - Win 51-13 vs. Miami (OH). Next vs. Colorado.

Do I think Mizzou is better than a one-loss Texas team? Certainly not. Did Texas just get rolled by a perennially underachieving UCLA team? Yes. Do power rankings account for momentum? Of course. The Tigers win, Texas loses and OK State doesn’t play. Say hello to your new No. 3, Mizzourah nation. Oh, and thanks for running the football Coach Pinkel.

4. Texas (3-1) PVS: 1 Loss vs. UCLA 34-12. Next vs. Oklahoma.

Is UCLA the rich man’s Kansas this season? Two weeks after getting slapped 35-0 on their own field by Stanford, UCLA goes into Texas and crushes the Horns. It is up for debate whether UCLA won it or Texas gave the game away with all its turnovers, but either way you look at it, WOW. Mack Brown called it a “rear-end kicking” and “embarrassing.” Yes it was, Mack. UT better regroup quick with OU and Nebraska slated next. The Red River Rivalry lost a little luster, huh?

5. Oklahoma State (3-0) PVS: 4 Did not play last week. Next vs. Texas A&M.

Sometimes not playing can hurt you in the rankings. It is not always fair, but hey, OK State has a big chance to make a statement this week vs. Texas A&M. This game decides who will be a part of the “Big 5” in the Big 12 the rest of the season. Already slated in the Big 5: Nebraska, OU, Mizzou, Texas.

6. Texas A&M (3-0) PVS: 6 Did not play last week. Next vs. Oklahoma St.

Go to work in practice this week Jerrod. Go to work.

7. Kansas State (4-0) PVS: 7 Win vs. Central Florida 17-13. Next vs. Nebraska.

We have seen several Big 12 teams need last second TD’s to win against average opponents this season, so I can’t knock K-State too bad. They got the win against UCF and ultimately that’s all that matters. I think Nebraska wins big next week, however.

8. Texas Tech (2-1) PVS: 8 Did not play last week. Next @Iowa St.

Tech was off on Saturday and I doubt they did a whole lot to get ready for Iowa State. It’s like preparing for a nutrition exam. Sometimes you just know you are going to “get yours” regardless of how much time you put in.

9. Baylor (3-1) PVS: 9 Win vs. Rice 30-13. Next vs. Kansas.

Bobby Griffin III had a big fantasy day as he threw for 268 yards and 3 TDs. The cool, versatile cat also had 50 rush yards. If he remains healthy, I think this team has at least one upset in them this year.

10. Colorado (2-1) PVS: 10. Did not play this week. Next vs. Georgia.

Georgia may be 1-3 and coming off a loss to Mississippi State, but I still like the Dawgs to win by two or three touchdowns in Boulder.

11. Kansas (2-2) PVS: 11. Win vs. New Mexico State 42-16. Next @Baylor.

Not much to say about Kansas’ win this week. They were playing a terrible team and did exactly what they should have. Needed to win by 50 to move up past an idle Colorado squad.

12. Iowa State (2-2) PVS: 12. Win 27-0 vs. Northern Iowa. Next vs. Texas Tech.

See Kansas description. I do like the shutout by the ‘Clones though. Five style points awarded to the city of Ames.