A "rockin'" atmosphere at Faurot Field was among the topics discussed by players at media day Monday afternoon.

I've been attending Missouri football media days for some media outlet or another for the past four years.  I said this on twitter earlier, but I'll say it again.  Never have I seen more reporters fill the room at the Mizzou Athletic Training Complex than today.  Back in 2007, there were a couple weeks like today, but nothing quite like it.  The buzz that refuses to die on campus has apparently spilled into Kansas City and St. Louis.

I don't have quotes on hand, but the players were saying all the right things.  They're focused.  They're treating Oklahoma like just another game.  They say they refuse to be distracted by GameDay and all the hype.

Some observations from media day:

  • Without being asked directly about it, Gary Pinkel came right out and said he's never beaten Oklahoma.  I like how he was honest and straight up about the issue.   No beating around the bush.  He took responsibility and followed it up with his usual coachspeak saying he'll be trying his best to change that this week.
  • I would describe emerging star Kip Edwards as the most "giddy," of all the players I spoke with.  He mentioned several times how excited he is for Saturday and couldn't get the energy out of his voice or the smile off of his face.
  • Most players mentioned how "rockin'" they expect The Zou to be on Saturday.  Everyone from Blaine Gabbert to Grant Ressel noted how they expect a big crowd and a crazy atmosphere.
  • Players gave various responses when asked about ESPN's college GameDay.  Tim Barnes said he might stop by to check it out on Friday afternoon.  Brad Madison said he always tries to watch the show on Saturday mornings and said Lee Corso better put on the Truman head or he'd be disappointed.  Meanwhile, Madison's roommate Aldon Smith said he never watches GameDay and said he prefers cartoons.
  • One more note:  Pinkel and several players discussed how much they appreciate the "gold rush," in the stands.  Fans are encouraged to wear gold to every game but there's always a good number of black-clad Tiger fans.  If you're ever going to wear gold to a game, make it this one.
Ok, it's officially Tuesday morning now.  Just four more days until the most anticipated game this University has hosted in decades.