As I continue to wrap my brain around what exactly happened in that first quarter I'm going to go bullet format here before we hit the road back to Columbia.

  • Did today's first quarter remind anyone else of last year's 4th quarter against the nubs?  Combine those two quarters and Missouri was outscored 51-0 by Nebraska.  In the remaining six quarters of those two games, Mizzou outscored the nubs 29-7.
  • Last week the O-line was dominant.  Today it was awful.  After the game Tim Barnes said it had to do with where Nebraska's D-linemen were lining up.  He said they showed a lot of looks for which Mizzou wasn't prepared .
  • Offensively, Mizzou struggled on first downs.  They were set up with far too many third and longs to succeed against a defense as solid as Nebraska's.
  • I have to admit, Nebraska's first quarter was some of the most dominant football I've ever seen.  Veteran nub reporters were saying it's the best they've seen them play in years.
  • In post game interviews players were obviously not happy, but not completely dejected either.  Aldon Smith was the most adamant that Mizzou wouldn't suffer a let down next week.
  • If you would have told me Mizzou would keep Taylor Martinez to 16 rushing yards and knock him out of the game I would have said there is no way Mizzou loses.  Definitely proven wrong.
  • I'm sure you've heard by now, but Roy Helu Jr. ran for a school record 307 yards.  His three touchdown runs were from 66, 73, and 53 yards out.
  • The crowd noise was unreal.  I had a friend text me and said it didn't sound loud on TV.  It was loud.  I've been to games at some pretty loud stadiums but this was easily the loudest college environment I've ever experienced.
  • Not impressed with the town of Lincoln.  Seemed kind of run down.
  • At this point Missouri can still go 11-1.  Yes, Mizzou doesn't control its own destiny anymore, but who knows what can happen.  This isn't the end of the world.