You could light homes in Columbia with the energy on campus right now.  For possibly the first time ever, Mizzou is the center of the sports universe.  For the next 24 hours this is the place to be.  The quad, the same quad that many of us walk (or walked) everyday is the centerpiece of ESPN's college football coverage.  Our campus could not be showcased in any better light.

The game is more than 24 hours away yet people can barely contain themselves.  I've never seen so many people on campus, so many cars downtown, and so much traffic everywhere you go.  This is the place to be.

All of these things are great.  However, there's still a football game to played.  It's the biggest game of the weekend.  It has the attention of the nation.  Theoretically, Mizzou doesn't need to win this game to still win the Big 12 North or even the Big 12.

But what if Mizzou wins?  Just think about it.  It's fun to get carried away with the possibilities.

Missouri always seems to get the short end of the stick.  The fifth down, the flea kicker, the BCS snub... We all know about it.  But what if tomorrow night it's our team that gets the lucky bounces?  What if it's our team that takes down the number one team in the nation?

If there's ever going to be a chance, it's now.  Gary Pinkel and co. have worked hard to put Missouri in this position.  Tomorrow they need to take advantage of it.  It's hard to imagine any more excitement in the air than there is now.  This town is already buzzing.  As a sports fan it doesn't get any better than this... Except for one thing: A win tomorrow night.