One thing we can provide here at Mizzourah is the perspective of a student.  I've had the fortune of being on campus for some pretty "buzz-worthy" games.  For example, Nebraska in '07, kU in '07 (granted, that was in KC), and the Oklahoma State game in 2008.  It's not even Monday morning and already there is as much or more buzz on campus about the football team than when the Tigers were ranked no. 1 in 2007.

I can't sign into twitter or facebook without being bombarded by Mizzou and/or GameDay related posts.  I can't walk through campus without hearing people talk about this weekend's game.  The strangest thing in my opinion is how quickly this all happened.  A week ago, I would say the general perception of Mizzou football on campus was mildly interested at best.  Casual fans didn't think much of the team and most students felt Mizzou was only undefeated because of a soft schedule.  Now, a butt-kicking of Texas A&M and one GameDay announcement later people are getting carried away with National Title discussions and Mizzou's chances at a BCS bowl.  Not since 2007 have we as fans been glued to the BCS announcement show with such interest.  The fact Mizzou was a trending topic on twitter just shows the interest this team has suddenly garnered.

I'm not ready to declare this the best Mizzou team I've ever seen or anything crazy like that.  I don't think it is.  However, with this type of defense this is a team that can hopefully compete with the big boys better than past Tiger teams.  The campus has taken notice.  Columbia is buzzing.  If you're coming in for homecoming brace yourself for a mind-blowing weekend in Como.  I can assure you the student body already has.