Just how good is Blaine Gabbert and this Missouri team?

Usually I try to keep things in perspective on this site.  I can't stand irrational fans who jump to conclusions one way or another too quickly.  However, for once, I can't help but get carried away.  Not since Missouri lost at home to Oklahoma State back in 2008 has their been this much excitement surrounding Missouri football.

The Tigers just completely dominated a pretty solid Texas A&M team on the road yesterday.  Nebraska lost.  Teams ahead of Mizzou in the polls continue to lose.  And oh yeah, Gameday is coming to Columbia for the biggest game this town has seen in years.

Are the stars aligning the way they did for Mizzou magical run of 2007?

That year Missouri's first "true test" of the season was against Nebraska.  Mizzou embarrassed what turned out to be an overrated Husker team before taking on Oklahoma.  Meanwhile, teams ranked ahead of the Tigers just kept losing.

This year, Missouri's first "true test," of the season was against Texas A&M.  Mizzou embarrassed what's turning out to be an overrated Aggie team before taking on Oklahoma.  Meanwhile, teams ahead of the Tigers just keep losing.

I'm not saying the Tigers are going to end up ranked first in the country this year.  It's unlikely.  However, at this point, it's still entirely possible.  Back in 2007 Missouri lost to Oklahoma in week six and still ended up ranked first in the nation heading into the Big 12 Championship.

As a fan, it's fun to think big.  It's a giant IF, but if Missouri finally beats Oklahoma this week, all of a sudden they are national title contenders.  That's crazy considering the expectations many had for this team.  I try to be realistic about Missouri's chances, but sometimes it's fun to get carried away.  This season could get really exciting really fast and it starts this weekend at home against Oklahoma.  What more could you ask for?

Even if Missouri loses to OU, the Tigers are still in contention to win the Big 12 North.  These next two weeks are going to decide whether this season is a very solid one or one for the ages.

- Mizzourah will up its coverage this week.  I'll try to provide at least one post a day throughout the week.