No tailgating and no Mizzou game led to more chances to watch the other teams around the league this week.  Not going to get real detailed here, but here are some quick thoughts from around the Big 12.

Texas A&M: Watching Jerrod Johnson turn the ball over five more times this week was brutal.  The Aggies were throwing the ball on what seemed like every play and Johnson's arm looked dead by the end of the game. Johnson puts up big numbers, but his turnovers are absolute game killers.  He handed Oklahoma State a TD with a fumble and then sealed the deal with yet another pick.  If Mizzou wants to take itself seriously, they should win in College Station.  Not that impressed with A&M's performance on Thursday.

Oklahoma State: Initially, a home win against Texas A&M sounds pretty good.  Then you realize that Johnson was doing his best to hand the game to OSU and they could still barely take the win.  Forced five turnovers and barely won at home.  Not that impressed with them either.

Iowa State: Not going to lie, I didn't see a single down from this game.  But how in the world did the Cyclones drop 52 on somebody?  Not sure whether that means the Clones were good or Tech's D is just awful, but that score got my attention.  ISU isn't the usual slouch it normally is, but I certainly didn't predict them dropping 52 on anybody except maybe the beakers.  Speaking of beakers...

kU: WOW.  Is this worse than losing to NDSU?  I still can't decide.  I know, I know, Missouri lost to Baylor at home last year.  Yeah, that was embarrassing.  But at the very least, at least Mizzou didn't get down right embarrassed.  Baylor was just dogging kU.  It was awesome.  The Baylor student section went so far as chanting, "kan-sas High School!"  Ouch.  How in the world did the team that just lost by 48 to Baylor beat Georgia Tech??

Texas: Not really sure what to think of them.  The Longhorns just don't look all that good this year.  They have the talent to beat anyone, yet at times look beatable by many.

Oklahoma:  Definitely the class of the Big 12 this year.  I don't think it's a squad that will embarrass Mizzou by 42 like they did in the 2008 Big 12 Championship game, but they're good.

Mark your calendars for the K-State Nubs game this Thursday.  I think this is the first real measuring stick for both teams.