Gary Pinkel always tells his team to take things, "One game at a time."  Luckily, here at Mizzourah we don't have to follow those instructions.  I'm posting this a little late, but over the bye week I caught up with Oklahoma Sooners blogger Allen Kenney of the website BlatantHomerism.com to hear his thoughts on the Sooners and what they think of Mizzou.  I'll admit, I was pleasantly surprised by his prediction on the MU/OU game.

Mizzourah: How would you sum up Oklahoma's season thus far?

Allen Kenney: "The Sooners have made fans sweat to get to 5-0, but they've done so against arguably the toughest schedule in the country so far. OU can't keep squeaking by, though, and I suspect that will catch up to the Sooners at some point in the regular season. All in all, OU has a good shot at the conference championship, although I doubt we'll see the Sooners playing for a national title."

M: What has been the most impressive part of the team?

AK: "OU's freshmen have given fans plenty of reason to be excited about the future. Three rookies - Kenny Stills, Tony Jefferson and Trey Millard - have started from the first game of the season. Aaron Colvin stepped in at cornerback in the Red River Shootout and played lights out. Bottom line is that OU's future still looks pretty bright."

M: What's disappointed you about OU thus far?

AK: "Oklahoma's defense has given up far too many big plays this year. In the Big 12, where teams score in bunches, that's never good. Part of that might be the youth on the D, but the loss of Gerald McCoy at d-tackle is starting to rear its head."

M: How does the fan base feel about the Sooners' game in Missouri?

AK: "The fan base obviously has its concerns about Mizzou - and pretty much any any remaining opponent, for that matter. The big question: Can Missouri run the ball effectively against OU's defense. Teams have been gashing the Sooners with the run, but that's not exactly Mizzou's strong suit."

M: Early prediction on the MU/OU game?

AK: OU, 30-26.

M: At this point _______ would make 2010 a successful season.

AK: "Ten wins. If OU wins the Big 12 South, a game against Nebraska kinda looks like a toss-up right now, so I hesitate to say a conference title is a good year. Given how badly OU cratered last year, I think double-digit wins would make for a nice bounce-back heading into 2011."