Losing sucks, but there's still a lot of football to be played.

Losing sucks. Especially to the nubs. In our team’s biggest game of the year, our team showed up 10 minutes late. By then Mizzou was already in a 24-point hole from which it would never recover. The Tigers no longer control their own destiny. They likely won’t win the Big 12 North. They almost certainly are eliminated from the national title discussion.

However, having said that…

Our team sits at 7-1. It’s ranked 12th in the BCS. Three games into the difficult four game stretch everyone had circled at the beginning of the year, Mizzou is 2-1. If I told you all of these things on September 3rd and said, “Take it or leave it,” each and every one of you would have taken it.

Keep in mind this team entered the season with plenty of questions on defense, lost its star tailback a week before the season, and had to replace the most productive receiver in school history. Missouri could still easily win 11 games. Barring a total disaster the Tigers should coast to double-digit wins. Should the Tigers go 11-1, they'd be in contention for a BCS bowl and barring another Big 12 screw-job would likely wind up in the Cotton Bowl.

In the crazy world of college football, anything can still happen. Maybe the nubs slip up. Maybe Mizzou sneaks into a BCS game without winning the North. The outcome of this season is still in question.

What’s not in question is this: Things could be worse. Imagine being a beaker. Those losers likely won’t win another game all year. Or imagine being a Texas fan. The Longhorns have all the talent in the world yet sit at 4-4.

Last weekend’s loss sucked. However, Mizzou still has the opportunity for a great season. This isn’t the end of the world.