Wins by Mizzou, losses by our rivals, and some drama in nubland combined for a great weekend for Tiger fans.  We can only hope this coming weekend goes as well.


Mizzou beating Iowa State wasn't the only good news for Tiger fans last weekend. (Photo by Joshua Bickel, Columbia Tribune. See his entire slide show here.)

11:00am Saturday – kU loses… again

I woke up Saturday, flipped on the TV surprised to see kU up 14-10 on Oklahoma State at the end of the first quarter.  I was almost starting to worry kU could be improving until OSU rattled off 38 straight points to give the jayhawks their usual beating.  This one ended 48-10.  Less than 40,000 were in attendance for kU’s final home beating of the season, many of whom were Pokes fans anyway.  kU finishes the season 3-4 at home.  In those four home losses kU’s average margin of defeat was 31 points.  Keep in mind that includes its loss to North Dakota State where the beakers only lost by three.

1:10pm Saturday – Colorado beats K-State

This is important for one reason and one reason only: This victory keeps the Buffs bowl hopes alive.  Bowl hopes that run through Lincoln, Nebraska this Friday.  If Mizzou’s going to win the Big 12 North it’s going to need some help its our Pac-10 bound friends.  The win over K-State keeps Colorado’s motivation and confidence high heading into their game against the nubs.

3:00pm Saturday – Mizzou hoops rolls to victory

I completely forgot about the Mizzou basketball game Saturday.  Luckily I saw the score on the bottomline and tuned into ESPN3.com to catch the second half.  Once again Missouri started slowly.  Just as message board debates were heating up about whether or not fans should be concerned by these slow starts, Missouri ran off 24 straight points and held North Florida scoreless for the game’s final seven and a half minutes.  The final score:  Missouri 96, North Florida 58.

I'm a big fan of the new gold uniforms. (AP photo, L.G. Patterson)

Mizzou forced a school-record 34 turnovers in the contest and Ricardo Ratliffe and Laurence Bowers gave Mizzou two players with a double-double in the same game under Mike Anderson.  Ratliffe had 16 points and 10 boards off the bench and had everyone impressed.

“The guy played like I’m used to guarding him,” Bowers said afterward.  “I kind of felt sorry for the other team.”

Meanwhile Marcus Denmon led all scorers with 18 points on 7-12 shooting.  However, Missouri’s struggles at the free throw line continued.  Mizzou shot a disappointing 18-27 from the charity stripe.  Then again, who am I to complain about a 38 point win?  Missouri’s next game is tomorrow against Wyoming.  Coincidentally, the Cowboys are coming off a nine-point win over the same Western Illinois team that gave Mizzou troubles.  However, don’t expect Mizzou to struggle with Wyoming.

6:00pm Saturday – Mizzou survives cold, beats Iowa State

Here’s where the weekend started getting good.  In one of the most boring Mizzou games I can remember, the Tigers beat Iowa State 14-0.  Some will complain about the less-than perfect game by Mizzou.  However, a night game in November in Ames is never fun.  Outside of Matt and Dan Hoch who are from Iowa, I don’t know if there is one Tiger who really looks forward to a road game in Ames.  Friday night I asked defensive end Michael Sam how he liked his first trip to Iowa.  His response: “Cold as f***.”  I’ll take the win and be happy about it.

I love Tiger football, but this was easily the least entertained I had been watching a game since I can remember.  Both offenses were sputtering and looking at those Ronald McDonald-esque ISU jerseys for three hours gave me a headache.  Outside of Michael Egnew’s pretty TD catch (more on him later) and Mizzou’s ballsy fake punt, there wasn’t a whole lot of action.

Some notes from the game:

  • Since 2006, there have been five shutouts in Big 12 play.  Mizzou is responsible for three of them (OU the other two).
  • Andrew Gachkar and Zaviar Gooden played every snap defensively for Mizzou.
  • 2010 marks the first season Missouri has recorded multiple shutouts since 1983.
  • Blaine Gabbert led the team in rushing for the second straight week.
  • Missouri has beaten Iowa State four straight times.
  • This marks the 6th time in school history Mizzou has won nine games or more.

7:00pm Saturday – Nubs go down in epic fashion

It wasn’t just that they lost.  It was how they lost. It was ugly.  It was embarrassing.  Yet, it was so wonderfully awesome at the same time.  Nebraska peed down its leg in College Station while also pissing away a chance to clinch the North at the same time.

I’m not sure what was more entertaining: watching the Pelini’s freak out like toddlers having a temper tantrum, or watching the nubs wrack up a school-record 16 penalties.  Of course, nub fans, as delusional as they are point to a conspiracy theory by the officials.  However, only two of Nebraska’s penalties were for holding, the most subjective call in football.  Most of its penalties came from childish stupidity only matched by their own coaches.  Nebraska was flagged four times for personal fouls, three times for false starts, twice for unsportsmanlike conduct, and once for illegal formation.  There’s no conspiracy theory there.  Just bad football.

In the end, Nebraska lost nine to six, although in an effort to criticize the refs after the game, Bo Pelini only acknowledged that his team gave up six.  In case you missed it, here’s Bo going nuts on T-Magic. (Again, more on that later).

Sunday – Mizzou up in BCS rankings

Mizzou moved from 15th to 14th in the BCS this week.  Not a huge deal but better than the alternative.  In the process, Missouri jumped the nubs who fell from 8th to 15th.  Oklahoma however, remains one spot ahead of Mizzou at 13th.

Sunday – Meltdown in nubland

The most unexpected fun of the weekend came last night.  That’s when rumors of a complete meltdown in nubland came to the surface.  Message boards swirled with rumors that Taylor Martinez had quit the team because he was upset with the coaches.  These rumors were fueled when bleacherreport.com published an article (that has since been completely re-written) citing a Nebraska Graduate Assistant that confirmed Martinez quitting.  This fueled more rumors that Pelini would lose his job.  Late last night Taylor Martinez was Google’s number one trending topic in the US.  When there’s that much smoke there is usually fire.

In my opinion (which is as good as yours), I think Martinez originally quit, but was later talked back into staying.  Although, Nebraska avoided complete embarrassment of Martinez quitting, any distractions are welcome this week.  Mizzou needs a nub loss to the Buffs.  These rumors and distractions only increase the chances of that happening.  In addition, Pelini was openly criticized by nub Chancellor Harvey Perlman.  The more distractions, the better.

Monday – Hoops team up in polls

Despite Mizzou’s struggles against Western Illinois in the season opener, the Tigers moved up in the polls this morning.  In the AP poll, Missouri jumped from 15th to 11th.  Here’s where other Big 12 teams checked in:

  • Kansas State – 4th
  • kU – 6th
  • Mizzou – 11th
  • Baylor – 12th
  • Texas – 20th

Other notable teams:

  • Georgetown – 16th
  • Illinois – 19th


Michael Egnew is the best tight end in the country. (AP photo, Steve Pope)

Monday – Egnew a Mackey finalist

In an expected move, Michael Egnew was named as one of three finalists for the Mackey Award today.  Egnew leads all tight ends with 78 catches and 663 receiving yards.  The other two finalists, Wisconsin’s Lance Kendricks and Arkansas’s D.J. Williams have combined for 81 catches.  As I wrote last week, Egnew should join Chase Coffman on the list of Mizzou Mackey winners.