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Conference Expansion: Panic Time? E-mail
Written by Slim   
Wednesday, 09 June 2010 17:07

(UPDATED: 8:55 PM at bottom of post)

The expansion thing has gotten old.  I've tried to abstain from writing about it for as long as possible.  But in light of Nebraska's apparent departure from the Big 12, I'm pressing the panic button.

When these rumors began months ago, it looked like Mizzou was destined for greener pastures.  More money and more exposure were certain to come Missouri's way when it joined the world's first "superconference."

Now, a feeling that is all too familiar as a Mizzou fan is sinking in.  We're about to get kicked in the nuts.  Everyone from Joe Schad to the infamous Chip Brown is reporting Nebraska is going to the Big Ten.  Initially most people assumed Nebraska and Mizzou were a package deal.  The fact, that Nebraska is about to make this announcement and Missouri is not, is troublesome.

Here's the latest ways Mizzou gets screwed from what I've read (take this for what it's worth):

Screwing number 1: The Big Ten adds Nebraska and no one else.  The Big 12 South schools (maybe Colorado instead of Baylor), bolt for the PAC Ten and Mizzou is left in the dust with kU, K-State, Iowa State, and Baylor/Colorado.

Screwing number 2: The Big Ten adds Nebraska, Notre Dame, and Rutgers.  The Big Ten obviously wants Notre Dame and they end up choosing the TV sets of NYC over Missouri.  The Big 12 South situation happens as described above.

Meanwhile, I could be overreacting (very possible) and tomorrow I could be writing about Mizzou's move to the Big Ten.  For now, I'm not holding my breath.

- On a side note, how messed up is the Big 12?  You know a conference is bad when every conference member is forced to look out for themselves only.  It just shows how poor of a job Dan Beebe and co. have done with the conference.  There is no leadership and no unity.

Alright, rant over.

UPDATE - Here's a new situation not many people have brought up.  A new rumor says that Mizzou, Texas, Texas A&M, and Notre Dame will join Nebraska in the new Big Ten.

I buy it because:

There have been reports that Texas and Texas A&M will be meeting soon to discuss conference realignment.  Originally, everyone assumed this meant discussing the PAC 10, but maybe not.

Notre Dame said a few weeks ago they would only join a conference if it looked like super-conferences were the direction college sports were heading.  If true, this would be one very, very powerful conference.

I don't buy it because:

I can't see A&M and Texas ditching Texas Tech.

I can't see Texas joining a conference where they would have to take a backseat to established powers like Ohio State and Penn State.

Why would Texas be dogging Mizzou like they have been if they're both going to the same place?

How come this information is just coming out now?

The waiting game continues....


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