We take a look back at the 10 biggest stories of the 2010 football season.  Today we count down numbers 10-6.
Hosting ESPN's College GameDay and knocking off the number one team in the country?  Uh, yeah, that'll make our list.

With finals week and a lot work out of the way, Mizzourah is officially back up and running.  Rather than rehash the last few weeks in Mizzou football we’ll jump right into recapping the 2010 season.

This season had more than its fair share of dramatic moments.  A rocky off-season.  The emergence of new star players.  Arguably the biggest home game in school history.  Where do these events land in our rankings?

Finally we have a conclusion to the wild goose chase that was Sheldon Richardson's recruitment.

10.  The Sheldon Richardson Saga

Whether you follow recruiting or not, you couldn’t help but take at least a passing interest in the Sheldon Richardson drama.  Richardson, a 6-4, 300 pound, freak athlete from the St. Louis area began popping up on recruiting radars as early as 2006, the summer prior to his sophomore year of high school.  After receiving scholarship offers from nearly every school in the nation, the country’s number four overall recruit ended the drama on signing day of 2009 when he famously selected a Mizzou cap from a table in his high school gym.  Except, that was really just the beginning.  In June of 2009, word leaked that Richardson wouldn’t qualify for Mizzou academically.  One junior college and a commitment turned decommitment from USC later, Richardson is officially a Tiger.  Mizzou’s defense already looked good for 2011.  Richardson’s commitment only makes the future brighter.


9.  Another Bowl Game

Simply making a bowl game no longer registers as news for Mizzou fans.  This year’s bowl game will be Mizzou’s sixth straight bowl appearance and seventh in the past eight seasons.  Those are both school records.  This is just another reminder of how Gary Pinkel and co. have raised the bar in Columbia.  The fact that Mizzou was only slightly screwed (by the Cotton Bowl) and not royally, completely F’d over altogether like usual in the bowl process was a pleasant surprise for fans this year.  Additionally, this is a fun match-up between two border-states who often battle for recruits.  A win in the Insight Bowl and an 11-win season would be a great end to the 2011 season.


8.  The nubs Loss

On October 29th Missouri was ranked 6th in the BCS rankings, undefeated, atop the Big 12 and had a very legitimate shot at controlling its own destiny for a berth in the National Championship Game.  A loss to the Cornhuskers on October 30th ended all that.  As much as their fans don’t want to admit it, this had developed into a competitive and heated rivalry over the course of the past decade.  This year’s game had a ton of hype and a ton of implications in the conference and BCS standings.  It would have been nice to give them one final blow on their way out.  Instead, the nubs will take their talents to the Big Ten’s, “Legends,” division… Sweet name Big Ten.

The nutcases known as the Pelini brothers derailed Mizzou's undefeated season.

7.  The Tech Loss

Mizzou won 10 games this year, which was great.  However, if there were one game this team would like a “do-over,” for it’s the Texas Tech game.  Beat a mediocre Red Raider team and Mizzou would have been Big 12 North champions.  It would have played for a Big 12 title.  Who knows what could have happened?  This game makes the list because of how frustrating it was to watch and for how much it came back to haunt the Tigers.  Mizzou could have overcome the loss to the nubs.  The Tech loss officially ended Missouri’s hopes at a historically great year.


6.  The Emergence of TJ Moe and Michael Egnew

This season TJ Moe and Michael Egnew combined for 160 catches, 1,595 yards, and 10 touchdowns.  In their combined three years of experience prior to 2010, the duo combined for nine catches and 55 yards.  While neither has the big-play explosiveness of a Jeremy Maclin or Danario Alexander, these two emerged as reliable playmakers that helped fill the void left by Alexander.  They were Blaine Gabbert’s go-to guys and they seemed to always come up big when needed.   The best news?  They’ll both be back next year.

Check back tomorrow as we unveil the top five story lines of the 2010 season.