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MU Off the Mark With New Tailgate Spot E-mail
Written by Slim   
Saturday, 28 August 2010 14:24

Last year's tailgate scene was a debacle.  Without a specific spot for all students to go, no one knew exactly where to tailgate prior to home football games.  For those under 21, the problems were magnified.  To improve that situation, MU has designated a new lot for students to tailgate this year.  The problem is, the new spot comes with so many restrictions and guidelines it's going to look like a nursery school compared to its predecessors "Frat Pit," and Reactor Field.

The new lot, as many of you already know, is that small lot between Stankowski Field and Cornell Hall.  The lot is only about 100 spaces compared to Reactor's 800.  However, size is only a minor issue with the new spot.

The first problem is that cars will not be allowed in this new tailgate lot.  That's right, MU and the Missouri Student Association have effectively taken the tailgate out of tailgating.  In addition, students cannot share coolers or beverages, they must leave once the game starts and hard alcohol is not allowed.

Now, I'm not advocating binge drinking before games or anything like that, but this new spot seems like a complete failure.  Because students can't bring cars, they can only bring what they can carry.  So if a student wants to bring a chair to sit in, they'll have to find somewhere to put that chair when they leave for the game.  Same goes for speakers or sound systems.  Forget about bringing games like bags or washers because those too have to be picked up when the game starts.  The same goes for grills, and what good is a tailgate without food?

The rule about not being able to share coolers is also ridiculous.  That means every student will have to bring their own cooler if they wish to enjoy cold drinks.  I know MU is trying to cut down on binge drinking, but they've taken things a bit too far.  Also, the lot will be patrolled by police so you can forget about people under 21 showing up.

Granted, there are students out there who go to football games sober.  For them, this lot will still be lame considering the fact they can't bring chairs, games, or grills unless they can find someone to drive to campus and pick up all those items for them.  Good luck with that.

This new lot is a place for students to gather before games.  Essentially that is a good idea.  But when you take away the tailgates, the chairs, the music, the drinking, the food and the games, what exactly are students going to do in this new lot?  It's going to make Baylor's tailgate scene look like Ole Miss's Grove.

If this new lot is a success, I'll be the first to admit I'm wrong.  But when you strip tailgating down to a bunch of students standing around in a parking lot, I doubt it'll be a success.

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