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Conference Reshuffle E-mail
Written by PRF   
Sunday, 13 June 2010 17:27



For all of the talk about Mizzou being in trouble if the Big 10 doesn’t take them on, I think there may be a fairly nice alternative. Everyone is panicking: Mizzou could go to the Mountain West. Oh No! Well, how about Oh Yes!  It certainly isn't the SEC, but it's not the Sun Belt either.

For the last few years, the Mountain West conference has been one of the best in football. Utah has won two BCS games in the last 5 years and deserved a shot at the National Championship in 2005 and 2009. TCU went to a BCS game last year. BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall hasn’t hidden the fact that he wants to bring the program up to the level of its glory days in the 80s and 90s, when under LaVell Edwards they were a top program. Think that win against Oklahoma to open the season raised some believers? Boise State is now onboard and who can forget their two undefeated seasons in the last five years. People (including myself) have knocked on their weak scheduling, but been silenced when they steamroll opponents in BCS games. It is obvious that Utah, TCU, BYU, and Boise State have been light years better than the collective Big 12 North over the past five seasons.

So now it’s reshuffling time. Here is my proposal: We break up the Mountain West and take the remaining Big 12 teams to form a new conference. Let’s call it the Great American Conference. Here’s what it would look like:



Kansas State

Iowa State





Boise State


Air Force

New Mexico

This grouping would legitimately make the Great American Conference very, very good. I know I am going to pick up some critics for this, but I honestly believe Missouri would only be the 4th best football program in the conference behind Utah, TCU, and Boise State (not in any order). BYU would follow up as a very strong 5th team.


Make no mistake: The Mountain West has premiere football programs, including TCU.

I’m telling you, all of the Midwesterners and Mizzou fans need to get off their high horse and realize how good the top of the Mountain West Conference is. Utah, TCU, Boise State, and BYU are not kidding around. The conference has four teams at its head that want to play in BCS games every year. The addition of Boise State all but seals the conference as having four teams at the top that could compete with anyone else’s top four, except for the SEC.

For those of you thinking that there is still some weakness to the bottom of the conference, then you could think about removing a couple of the teams from the picture and making it an even stronger 10-team conference. The most likely removals would be New Mexico, Air Force, Iowa State and Baylor.

From a basketball perspective, the Great American Conference is pretty impressive too. Kansas would undoubtedly be the top program and the Mountain West has let it be known that they covet Kansas for its hoops team. Around Kansas would be a deep group of good programs, with none of them marking themselves as the clear No. 2. Mizzou, Kansas State, Baylor, BYU, New Mexico and UNLV were all tournament teams in 2010. Mizzou was a 3-seed in 2009. Kansas State, Baylor and New Mexico were all top 3-seeds in 2010. Utah has had a good program historically and used to be one of the top programs in the country when Rick Majerus was there in the 90s. The Utes generally make the tournament every other year, but expect visits to the Dance to become more frequent in the coming years. New Mexico is famed for “The Pit” and its home court is considered one of the toughest places to play in the nation.

The basketball layout is good and deep, but outside of Kansas it lacks some of the powerhouses at the top. The football layout has those powerhouses; they just need a chance to prove it. Of course it would be better for Mizzou if we hooked up with the formerly named Pac 10 or Big 10 conferences. But, from the rumors swirling, that is unlikely to occur. If we are being shunned everywhere else, why not make the Great American Conference happen?

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written by Slim, June 14, 2010
Pretty compelling argument, but a couple of disagreements:
- Not sure the MWC would let this happen.
- Too far for non-revenue sports teams to travel. Those teams travel by bus usually. The softball team is not going to like a bus ride from Como to Boise.
- While it might not be awful, it's definitely a step down from Big 10 and SEC possibilities
written by Slim, June 14, 2010
This proposed conference would include some good markets:
TCU/Baylor - Dallas market = 5th largest
Air Force - Denver = 20th
Mizzou - STL = 21st
Utah/BYU - Salt Lake City = 30th
Mizzou - KC = 32nd
UNLV - Las Vegas = 33rd
Iowa St. - Des Moines = 90th
Air Force - Colo. Springs = 93rd
kU/KSU - Wichita = 98th
Boise St. - Boise = 100th

- That's 6 markets in the top 33, and 10 in the top 100. Not bad. Is a stretch to say Air Force would bring in Denver? I'm not sure...
All about the $$$$
written by Author, June 14, 2010
The fact that this is all coming down to market size and how many people will be watching on TV is making me lose more and more respect for college football every day. As far as I'm concerned, the NCAA and whoever runs the organization of college football are more criminal than the boys on Wall Street. With the BCS and now with conference realignment, the integrity and tradition of the sport are being lost to the dollar. My respect for the game is low. Create a playoff and figure out what the hell is going on with these conferences. People running college football are greedy and unintelligent.

And if I'm Kansas, I am dipping out to the Big East immediately if they will have them. Talk about building about the basketball prowess. Sick and tired of football letting basketball get lost in the shuffle. It is unbelievable. I think those in Lawrence would consider joining the Big East an upgrade over the old Big 12 strictly for the basketball. Boy would it be fun to watch the Big East with another Top-5 program in the mix. Who gives a damn about football if you are a Kansas fan.
Money drives everything...
written by Slim, June 14, 2010
That's the way it is. People running college football may be greedy, but they're not unintelligent. They stand to make millions for their respective institutions in all this. It's naive to think schools would make moves based on what fans think.

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