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Post-game Thoughts: Nevada E-mail
Written by The True Son   
Monday, 28 September 2009 00:33

First off, it’s great that Mizzou is 4-0. Awesome. Especially considering most “experts” were saying the Tigers would finish their non-cons with a 3-1 record at best. I’ll come clean, at the beginning of the year I was predicting the Tigers would drop Friday night’s game against the Wolf Pack. So bottom line, Friday night was a good win for the Tigers. Props.

But I think if they play like that against a good team they’re getting beat by at least two scores. And I’ll go ahead and include Nebraska in that category. Some might argue that Nevada was a desperate team playing for its season. And I would have no idea how you’d come to that conclusion after watching the Pack stumble through four quarters.

When I first heard about the Wolf Pack’s fans plans to boycott this game to protest coach Chris Ault I thought it was ridiculous. Ault’s made that program a perennial bowl team, what more do you want from him? But this looked like a horribly coached football team. They repeatedly shot themselves in the foot by doing things like using three timeouts on one possession, which probably would’ve even made Bill Callahan cringe.

So no I don’t think this was a desperate team playing to salvage its season. This was a desperate team trying to avoid a total collapse. But ya know what? 4-0 is 4-0 and through the non-conference part of their season the Tigers have exceeded just about everyone’s expectations. With a young team like this you have to enjoy every victory. Sure we can nitpick because we’re sports fans and that’s what we do but ultimately when they finish with a victory you’ve got to be happy about it no matter how it looked.

  • That extended lede was fairly negative so I’ll balance it out with this: That 11-play 97-yard drive in the fourth quarter to essentially put the game on ice might have been as impressive as any scoring drive the Tigers put together during the Daniel-Maclin-Coffman era. Seriously, it was that good. And through his first four games as QB1, Blaine Gabbert appears to be an ice-cold closer.
  • But it still looks like Blaine gets a little rattled when defenses can get a decent pass rush going against him although he really started settling in after the first quarter in this one. He reminds me a lot of Peyton Manning early in his career in how as soon as a defender gets near him he kind of freaks out and starts rapidly shuffling his feet. And yes, that was a very rare negative comparison to Peyton Manning.
  • Gotta be concerned by Derrick Washington’s inability to get rolling once again. He finished with a respectable 75-yards on 16 carries but those numbers were kind of inflated by his 42-yard gain on that long fourth quarter drive. For the majority of the game he was a non-factor. I don’t know how to explain his struggles. I’m completely perplexed. Not sure if it’s an issue with his ability to find the holes or the O-line’s ability to create them (that’s what she said). I’ll give it another game before I really start to get concerned but we’re really gonna need him to come around quickly.
  • Judging by D-Wash’s Twitter and Facebook updates over the weekend he’s heard some criticism from the Tiger faithful and it sounds like his confidence might be a little shaken. He mentioned some Tiger fans complaining that he should no longer be the starter. First to those fans: Shut up. Yeah Kendial Lawrence has had some eye-opening runs and yes De’Vion Moore has supposedly looked good in practice. But D-Wash is the starter and there’s no debate. The guy has proven himself. You don’t bench a back of his caliber after a couple shaky performances this early in the season. Secondly, to D-Wash: Get over it. You’re a division I athlete so you’re always going to be able to find something negative about yourself on the message boards and blogs. If you’re letting that get to you then that’s probably a major part of your problem. Just do your thing.
  • We might be witnessing Danario Alexander making The Leap. He’s only 13 yards away from matching his career high for receiving yards in a season and only one TD away from matching his high in that category as well. There’s not a more enjoyable experience for a sports fan than watching a player with tremendous talent finally put it all together. That might be what we’re seeing here. Jared Perry was very solid once again also. That Danario-Perry-Kemp trio of receivers is starting to look very nice.
  • Defensively it was hard to really assess how the Tigers played. One drive they looked great and the next they would get completely pushed around. Will Ebner is one guy who was all over the place. Spoon and Aldon Smith were everywhere as well. But that defensive line is going to have to get better against the run by the time the Nubs come to town.
  • Shakespeare’s Pizza Playa of the Game: Super Danario, grab a slice. Danario was absolutely unstoppable. He finished with nine receptions and a career-high 170 yards and two TDs. Honorable mention goes to Blaine Gabbert who as mentioned was a cold-blooded killer in the second half.
  • Now we get an off week to conjure up as much hate as humanly possible before the Huskers come to CoMo a week from Thursday. My early thought is that this is going to be the ultimate 50-50 game. Despite their loss to Va. Tech I’ve still kind of been impressed by Nebraska thus far. But with the Thursday Night Lights on at Faurot you can bet the Zou is going to be fired up. It should be a good one.


Comments (6)
The Nebraska game
written by Hiphopopotamus, September 28, 2009
really is a tossup at this point.

Pre-season I was thinking it was a game you guys would probably win, but Nebraska should dominate this game on the line of scrimmage. I've been pretty unimpressed with the Missouri OL and after watching Nevada run all over them, I have to think Helu will do the same.

Seems to me you'll really need to rattle and force some mistakes by Lee to pull out the victory. And let me say this (with a big gulp, I might add), after the Robert Griffin injury...I'm hoping you do.

/And now I better go home and shower again.
written by Big Head, September 28, 2009
It's always nice when my boy DaNario kills it.

As far as HipHop goes, I'm glad this years Nubs game is in CoMo. If it wasn't, I'd probably say it'd be 60/40 we lose. With it being in CoMo, I say it's 70/30 we win. Lee didn't really set the place on fire against yet another horrible Sun Belt team. I'm not sure when Helu got pulled, but he only went for 83yds.

Helu is REALLY good. Rest of that team? Not so much.

RGIII's injury probably hurts kU the most since both Nebraska and Mizzou have them w/o Griffin. Should be a W, even with an improved Baylor squad.
Hate week....and three days
written by Husker_Engineer, September 28, 2009
My thoughts

If your line cannot keep Gabbert clean, I think you are in for a long night. Gabbert is an assassin given time. However, pressure gives him happy feet and he is not the same QB. The same is true of Lee, but the difference is that I do not believe you can beat us without Gabbert having a great night. Even if Lee is off, I think Helu could win the game for us.

Although Helu only had 83 yards on Saturday, he did it in 15 carries (~5.5 carry). If he gets in a groove against Mizzou, he could go for 200. I think we will pass early to set up big runs for Helu.

I am not the kind of guy that gets all giddy and is going to proclaim that the blackshirts are back....because they ain't. Having said that, I think this defense is a lot better than we have had in several years. I suspect that you will have a hard time running the ball against us.

I am not ready to pick a score, but I think we win by a TD
written by Tiger Trucker, September 28, 2009
The last two years we would blow away other teams without giving it a second thought. I think that had something to do with the maturity and confidence of a mature team. Now we are young again. Are we good? I think so. Yet it seems that we are back to doing what we used to do, and that is play good for good teams and playing down for not so good teams. I love seeing them play at the same level no matter who they play, but then again, a win is a win.
written by The True Son, September 28, 2009
Even though they've kinda been playing to the level of their comp. I think it's still different than it used to be. Before games would be close because Pinkel still didn't have the discipline and confidence ingrained in his program. Now I think he does it's just these guys are obviously inexperienced and like you said the talent level isn't quite what it's been the past few years.

Like I said, I think Nebraska is a total toss-up. Both teams have plenty of motivation. In addition to be possibly the biggest game of the season for both teams you have the Nubs playing for revenge bc of the last two years and the Tigers hopefully playing pissed because of the lack of national respect.

I was actually impressed w/ how Gabbert handled the pressure on Friday but pressure from Nevada and pressure from a Big 12 team are totally different things. I'm hoping the Faurot faithful carries the Tigers like it did two years ago.
written by Tiger Trucker, September 29, 2009
I give ya a vote up. I like your thinking. The next three games are scary. But will tell the tale of the rest of the season.

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