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BlogPoll- Post Week 4's Throw Everything Out Edition E-mail
Written by Big Head   
Monday, 28 September 2009 10:45

I like to do this towards the end of the out-of-conference season. I figured it's time to not even look at my old ballot, nor the total eff up that the AP throws out each week. This week, there's a lot of movement because we've seen enough of some teams to just throw the old ballot away and forget this 'move them up one if one team above them loses' crap. Suggestions will be taken.


1 Florida
2 Alabama 1
3 Texas 1
4 Southern Cal 4
5 Boise State
6 Oklahoma 5
7 Ohio State 2
8 LSU 1
9 Cincinnati 12
10 TCU 4
11 Virginia Tech 1
12 Penn State 2
13 Houston 9
14 Oklahoma State 1
15 Mississippi 11
16 Brigham Young 2
17 Kansas 2
18 Missouri 2
19 Nebraska 6
20 Iowa
21 Georgia 1
22 California 16
23 Georgia Tech 4
24 Michigan 1
25 Stanford
Last week's ballot


Dropped Out: Miami (Florida) (#17), North Carolina (#24).

Comments (12)
Polls are pretty useless this time of year
written by leghumpingjihadkiller, September 28, 2009
When conference play gets into full swing, then they'll be something to keep an eye on.

On another subject, alot of upsets early in the year...could be a ton of 1 loss teams when December starts, could this be the year that everyone finally gets behind a playoff?
written by SammyVegas, September 28, 2009
Kansas ahead of Nebraska and Missouri? Dude...I don't know what True Son has been pouring in your drinks, but the people in Vegas would probably love either one at either place.

Last place ever I thought I would see a Kansas homer is here.
written by davemacd, September 28, 2009
Oregon should be on there above Cal. They have better wins over better opponents. Also, for who they've beaten (and not) I think you have Penn State a bit high. There was a short opinion piece in the NYT today about the coaches poll you should check out...

written by G, September 28, 2009
Agree with Dave about Oregon. Oregon unranked and Cal still ranked after a 42-3 beatdown? It's impossible to argue Cal is better. Cal's only decent win is at Minnesota. Oregon has Utah to their name as well.
written by The True Son, September 28, 2009
Sammy, for the last time what I slip into Big Head's drink is nobody's business but my own...and Big Head's.
written by Big Head, September 28, 2009
@True Son and Sammy V: If I wake up with my pants off after drinking one beer again, I swear I'm calling the cops.

I would rate kU, Mizzou, and Nebraska all at the same spot, but with the blogpoll, you can't. Mizzou's had the two most impressive wins (a 1-2 Illannoy squad and an o'fer Nevada team), followed by kU's UTEP, Duke, and Southern Miss. Nebraska is the '09 Sun Belt Champs, and destroyed three horrible teams. Nebraska has looked impressive in their cream puff games, and terrible against VTech. Mizzou's had the best wins, and the BGSU one was fairly deceiving after dominating 2 1/2 quarters. Then again, Mizzou has some OL issues right now it seems like, and DWash can't get the wheels going for the 1st half. kU's looked like shit against Southern Miss and Duke (for awhile).

Ultimately, I think the RGIII injury to Baylor gives Mizzou and Nebraska another win, where kU didn't have them scheduled. That could affect the North race more than anything right now. Baylor is legit, but is 100x better with Griffin.
written by Big Head, September 28, 2009
@Dave and G: So, would you drop Stanford (3-1) to put Oregon in or is there another team you'd kick out?
written by G, September 28, 2009
I would swap Oregon with Cal and put Auburn in there. I'm getting on their bandwagon.
written by A Fastidious Hat, September 28, 2009
I agree with the 1) Kansas 2) Missouri 3) Nebraska seeing as how I do think Kansas had the best win (even if it wasn't pretty) against Southern Miss who was undefeated at the time. Mizzou is undefeated but do not have a win against a quality opponent. Obviously Nebraska hasn't beaten anybody good either and while they've looked impressive in those wins they did lose to Virginia Tech.

Also I was the one who spiked Big Head's beer.

Just saying.
written by davemacd, September 28, 2009
Yes, definitely drop Stanford. Cal deserves a ranking, despite blowing it big time. Oregon's only loss was to current AP#5 BSU, while Stanford shit the bed against a middling Wake Forest. Stanford's "marquee" win is a Washington team that is greatly improved and will make some noise in the Pac-10, but is still only one year removed from their 0-12 season.
written by davemacd, September 28, 2009
Also, I want to like Georgia Tech, but I've been burned by the Yellowjackets me after the Mississippi State game...
written by Big Head, September 29, 2009
Bumped Stanford, inserted Oregon above Cal, bumped all others down one.

Auburn is on the radar. Chizik might leave for another job after one loss though, right?

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