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Week 9- Colorado Preview E-mail
Written by Big Head   
Friday, 30 October 2009 18:03

So, it's come to this. Being 0'fer in conference play isn't the way to start the season, but the Tigers can sure as hell still win the B12N and it all starts Saturday in Boulder. Can it happen? Bet your baby momma's house on it, it can. Get your Victory Whiskey chilled.

  • Colorado is bad. Real bad. I was a believer in Hawk as a coach, but he's turned out to be a bigger letdown than the original Fast and the Furious movie. Colorado has talent, but they have done zip with it. Think of it as Einstein working at a drive thru.
  • Tyler Hansen is now their starting QB and according to ESPN Insider, Cody Hawkins is thinking of going FCS next year. How's that conversation with Coach Daddy going to be at the Thanksgiving table?

  • Hansen is infinitely better than Cody Hawkins. I had high hopes that Cody would be the third best QB in the North in '08 behind Chase and Sod, but the guy hasn't shown up. Hansen hasn't had that 'Big Game' yet, but he was expected to redshirt this year anyway. What Hawkins has on Hansen in experience, Hansen makes up for in actually not getting the ball picked off every damn pass. Hansen actually was the QB that beat kU a couple weeks ago, and Hawkins then laid a turd against K-State last week.

  • While neither Hansen nor Hawkins will light it up through the air, Colorado has a stable of pretty good running backs. Rodney Stewart, Demetrius Sumler, and if he ever gets his shit together, Darrell Scott will all get touches. Stewart and Sumler are the ones to worry about. Maybe it's a good omen I almost just misspelled Sumler's name as 'Stumbler'? Stewart can run all over some teams, but he's just as probable to not even show up. I'll take those odds.

  • Mizzou's secondary must cover Scotty McKnight and TE Riar Geer. Geer is a fine TE, so you can't really line up a backer on him and pray that he's covered. We'll be screwed that way, and we've been lit up the past two weeks through the air. Please, do your damn job secondary. Cover two guys. TWO EFFING GUYS. 2. Do it.

  • Dave Steckel looks like an old John Cena. That is all.

  • If the Tigers run the ball like they tried to against the Horns and Pokes, this could be a big day for DWash, Kendial, and De'Vion Moore. Let's get this out of the way- Colorado is no Texas or Okie State. Their front four isn't as stout, and Kendial especially had success last week briefly. DWash did against the Pokes. Both should against the Buffs if the OLine keeps to the scheme. If not, we could have a gimpy ankled QB trying to throw the ball, and that hasn't been a pretty sight at times.

  • Blaine Gabbert can't make mistakes. Yeah, you've read this for the past nine weeks. It still sticks; if he doesn't throw picks, the Tigers roll, easily.

  • The Buffs passing D is horrid. Blaine Gabbert has lit up the scoreboard before. I'm not the smartest guy in the planet, but I understand that Blaine should throw all over these fools.

  • Another easy answer: the Buffs don't really have any play-makers on either side of the ball. The Tigers have Spoon, both Smiths, Ebner, and Gachkar on D, Blaine, DWash, DaNario, Perry, and Kemp in the offensive side. You could even throw in Dan Hoch on the OL, who has played pretty well. I haven't seen a bigger mismatch since I was dating a girl that competed in the Miss Hooters competition.

  • The Tigers are now 3 1/2 point favorites. It's stayed pretty steady from 3-4 points all week. Split it down the middle in the end.

I'll be honest- this game scares me. We haven't looked good in three games, and Colorado can win at home. But when Saturday afternoon hits, the Tigers know this is a must win to get the North. After three losses, and two really shitty games, they are ready to roll. Tigerboard will get out of it's nuclear meltdown mode when Blaine Gabbert gets the pigskin airborne all over the Buff D. The Tigers have better players and have just ran into a pair of buzzsaw teams the past couple of weeks. It's a crossroads game this week, and the Tigers are running towards the Victory Whiskey.

You can listen HERE and watch online HERE if Fox Sports Midwest is still off of your cable provider. Dicks.

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