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Bold Prediction Time E-mail
Written by Big Head   
Tuesday, 27 October 2009 12:20

Being more than halfway through this football season, it's time to throw some bold predictions out there for the rest of the season, awards, bowls, and into the offseason.

Bold Prediction: Mizzou will win out, and finish the regular season at 9-3.

Bold Prediction: K-State, with five wins already, won't go bowling this year. They need seven wins with Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Missouri left on the schedule. Yikes! Best shot at a win may be Mizzou in Manhattan, but the Tigers should be riding a couple of wins.

Bold Prediction: Dan Hawkins won't be at Colorado next year. Instead, he'll be back at Boise State after Chris Petersen leaves for a bigger job.

Bold Prediction: Alabama vs Florida in the SEC Title game. With a close, competitive game, this will be the BCS Championship Game five weeks later.

Bold Prediction: Bill Snyder won't be in Manhattan next year.

Bold Prediction: Turner Gill will still be in Buffalo next year, unless he heads to Virginia after Al Groh is deep-sixed.

Bold Prediction: Tim Tebow will win the Heisman after voters vote on his entire career instead of the '09 season. Colt McCoy, Mark Ingram, and Boise State's Kellen Moore will round out your top four.

Bold Prediction: Mizzou will enter the '10 season as a Top 15 team, and will enter the Top 10 with their early season schedule.

Bold Prediction: Tennessee will be bowling this year, more than likely in the Peach Chik Fil A Bowl.

Bold Prediction: The Vols will be a preseason Top 25 team in '10.

Bold Prediction: The winner of Penn State/tOSU on 11/7 will win the Big 10, not Iowa.

Bold Prediction: Notre Dame will, again, be the most overrated team in the final poll of '09.

Bold Prediction: TCU will lose to Utah at home, knocking them from the BCS.

Bold Prediction: Boise State will be in the Fiesta Bowl again.

Bold Prediction: With Dez Bryant, Jordan Shipley, and Dez Briscoe going to the NFL, Wes Kemp, Detron Lewis, and Hubert Anyiam will enter the '10 season as B12 1st team wideouts.

Bold Prediction: Cincinnati will not be in the BCS this year.

Bold Prediction: Louisville will, again, go for a big name coach after firing Steve Kragthorpe. Tommy Tuberville or Phil Fulmer will take this job.

Bold Prediction: Kevin Sumlin will be Colorado's new coach.

Bold Prediction: After a struggling offense, Shawn Watson will leave Nebraska (the only Callahan hold over), as will running back Roy Helu.

Bold Prediction: Zac Lee will transfer to an FCS school when Cody Green takes the reins.

Bold Prediction: Mizzou and Nebraska will be the B12N favorites next year, and the North winner will go to a BCS bowl.

Bold Prediction: Western Kentucky will win a Sun Belt game this year.

Bold Prediction: The Pac 10 is the best conference from top to bottom this year.

Comments (9)
written by Wolf Stansson, October 27, 2009
I've actually heard that there's almost no way Hawkins will get axed, as his buyout plus the cost of a new coach is too much for CU to handle right now in this recession. Looks like they're stuck.

Oh and idk how bold it is to ever call notre dame overrated!
written by A Fastidious Hat, October 27, 2009
Yeah, pretty sure CU is stuck with Hawkins until 2011.

Who's going to beat Cincinnati? The mighty Wannstachs of Pittsburgh? I doubt it.
written by The True Son, October 27, 2009
Do you think Snyder is getting canned? Because I think it would take a lot more than a terrible finish to turn those fans against that guy. Of course at his age, there's no guarantee he's gonna make it to next week let alone next year. And yes I'm aware of how inappropriate that joke was. Apologies in advance.
written by Big Head, October 27, 2009
@True Son- Snyder leaves on his own. He won't get canned after helping them out like that.

@Hat: WVU and Pittsburgh still on the schedule. I hate Wannstache. His Bears teams back then were so fucking bad. I still hold a grudge.

@Wolf: I need at least one of these to come through. ND was the easiest call.

And who says Hawkins gets canned? I'm going with him leaving Boulder for Boise on his own.
written by davemacd, October 27, 2009
You know that a team has to win its conference to get into the BCS title game, right? Florida and Alabama can't both win the SEC, so both can't be in the BCS title game. Florida and either Texas or maybe USC if they win out and Texas doesn't.
written by Big Head, October 27, 2009
@DaveMacD: Not true from what I understand.

No more than two teams from any one conference may receive berths in BCS games unless two non-champions from a BCS conference finish as the top two teams in the final BCS standings in which case they will meet in the National Title Game while their conference champion will play in their conference's BCS bowl game.

So if Bama/Florida can get in, it looks like the SEC could have three teams (unlikely).
written by michael.felderjr, October 27, 2009
It is bold to pick K-State to lose out. Nebraska and Kansas both looked putrid recently; between the Iowa State and Colorado losses I'd say the bolder prediction is that the Big XII North is as much Bill Snyder's as it was in 2000 or 2003. But seriously what is going on?

Also on the Hawkins thing; I've heard the same. They can't afford to fire the guy so horray for another year of quarterbacks dropping back 20 yards to throw screen passes.
written by SammyVegas, October 28, 2009
@ Dave - see Nebraska 2001.
written by Hiphopopotamus, October 29, 2009
or Oklahoma in 2003.

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