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(A Couple of) Morning After- Texas Beatdown E-mail
Written by Big Head   
Monday, 26 October 2009 12:10

Well, let's just be glad that is done. I had never seen a live execution on television before, so I can mark that one off the bucket list. It's a bit rough to try to write about this game since all of a sudden, USC/Oregon State is on. Lets roll on this 41-7 loss.

Usually there's something positive to take away from a game, be it a win or a loss. This one? Just burn that damn film. There is nothing.

  • Will Ebner, DaNario, Spoon, and both Smiths were pretty much the only players that looked good, and didn't give up. Throw Ebner's game in on top of coming back from having surgery on his knee a couple of weeks ago? That is impressive.

  • Kendial Lawrence actually ran fairly well vs that Horn defense. Is it time to get him more looks? I can't believe I'm even considering this, but I'm saying yes. Kendial has shown bursts, doesn't run east/west in the backfield, and just takes the ball down field. More than halfway through the season, it's impossible to not look at DWash's 4.1yd per rush average, and then Kendial's 4.8yd average and say that DWash will eventually get it going. I hope he does get it going against the rest of this schedule, but until he does, I want to see De'Vion Moore and Kendial get more carries as well. Many college and NFL teams go with the hot hand.

  • If Blaine Gabbert is limping off after the first drive, get him healthy. For fucksake, he is injured. He isn't hurt anymore. He is injured. Bring in the Cannon if Blaine can't make it to the sideline. To keep running Blaine out there injured is ridiculous.

  • Back to something good- Holy crap Will Ebner. I can't say it enough. The guy is a gamer, and even without Spoon next year, our LBs are STACKED. Will Ebner, Andrew Gachkar, Luke Lambert, and I have high expectations for Zavier Gooden. Actually, I really like him.

  • If I read this correctly (because I, like everyone but the 25k or so left at Faurot saw USC in the 2nd half), our D let up three (3!!) points against that Horns 1st string O in the 3rd quarter. Again, call 'shenanigans' on me if the Horns had their 2nd stringers in vs our starters in the 3rd, but I believe it was the 4th quarter before that happened. I wish our D would put together two good halfs. Good against Okie State in the 2nd half after the lashing in the 1st half, and same thing against Texas.

  • That TD pass from Gabbert to Jared Perry was sweet.

  • Our secondary is getting blown up. I've seen this before. How you can give Jordan Shipley a 15yd cushion is amazing. That is all. I can feel my blood pressure rising just thinking about this.

  • To win, you need more than 173 total yards. I think that goes without saying.

  • Our Shakespeare's Pizza Playa of the Game has to go to Will Ebner. To come back from that knee surgery to start blowing people up? I have a hangnail that's bugged me longer than it took you to recover from a busted wheel.

I'm glad we're done with that pile of a schedule. Even with that 0'fer record in the B12 so far, we can still win the B12N. Huh? Yep, the B12N is that bad. Actually, after K-State, who I don't see winning another game this season, Mizzou has to be a favorite with our schedule. Colorado is up this week, and this is the crossroads of the season. Do we come out and win by 70, which may stop the TigerBoard meltdown, or does Boulder become a house of horrors on Halloween?

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written by A Fastidious Hat, October 26, 2009
Ebner was definitely the lone highlight to Saturday's game. Laying people the fuck out.

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