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Breaking Down Bowlin' E-mail
Written by Big Head   
Monday, 30 November 2009 14:41

Unfortunately, now that Mizzou doesn't have the B12 Championship Game to deal with this year, it's time to talk bowls a week early. I think everyone knows how bowl tie-ins work: after the Big 12 CG winner is automatically put into the BCS, everything is up for delegations to an automatic bowl. Bowls do frown on picking the same team in back-to-back years, if only because fans are iffy to travel since they were just there last year. So in a best guess, we can put Texas in the BCS. That's the only best guess right now in the Big 12 bowls.

Welcome to the clusterfuck.

Outside of the Huskers, Mizzou has the most to gain from Nebraska winning this weekend in Dallas, which would send the Huskers to the BCS, totally effing everything up. Mizzou could bump all the way up to the Holiday Bowl, which is a difference of, oh, say a little less than $1m from the Insight Bowl. But do you really want Nebraska to upset Texas? That is what would have to happen. So, let's take a look at some opponents.

Minnesota (Insight Bowl)

The bad thing about the Insight Bowl is it's on the NFL Network and kicks off late afternoon on New Year's Eve, aka "Nobody really gives a shit". There's a shot that you won't even be drunk yet. Their trophy looks a lot like the Ocarina from Zelda as well. Good part about playing Minny is Minnesota recruits the hell out of St. Louis. Minny is a 6-6 team, barely making it to a bowl, so you'd have to think an 8-4 Mizzou squad would be favored, and those recruits in St. Louis that Tim Brewster has worked would have a shot to see their in-state school destroy the school that's trying to work them. Just a few names Minnesota has nabbed from the St. Louis area- Bryant Allen, Laurence Maroney, Duane Bennett, Aaron Hill, and Brandon Kirksey just to throw out some recent names. St. Louis is a huge pool that Minnesota recruits. Gary Pinkel could squash three opponents that recruit StL pretty heavy this year- kU, Illannoy, and Minnesota. I like this idea. Nebraska would lose to Texas to make this happen (likely). Arizona in late December isn't bad, but our recruiting pipeline doesn't go through Arizona unless Pinkel's got a surprise for us. The most probable bowl of any scenario.

Michigan State (Insight Bowl/Alamo)

Michigan State was a B10 disappointment. They were ranked preseason fairly high, and struggled mightily. Michigan State really doesn't recruit much of the same area that Mizzou does, so this would possibly be the worst bowl match-up. The way the B10's bowl tie-ins work, this would probably have to happen in the Alamo Bowl, and Texas is more of a recruiting bed for Mizzou than it is for any B10 team. But remember, Mizzou was just in the Alamo Bowl last year. The Mizzou alumni groups might push for any bowl in Texas since there is a large base down there, and the travel attendance and TV ratings last year were very good for the bowl. I just doubt the Alamo Bowl would choose Mizzou again, instead going for a Texas team (Texas Tech more than likely). Of course, the Alamo is on ESPN, so it would have a large viewing audience.

Tennessee (Cotton Bowl)

Nebraska would have to win for this to happen, and Okie State would have to head back to the Holiday for the 2nd year in a row...both doubtful. The Cotton Bowl committee probably had to change their pants after OSU shat themselves in the Bedlam game, denying themselves a shot at a BCS game. If Okie State won, Mizzou had a shot at going to the Cotton with Nebraska likely already throwing down in the Holiday and Texas Tech laying an egg last year in the Cotton Bowl against Ole Miss. The Cotton against Tennessee probably isn't going to happen, but dammit, this would be awesome. A Fox game in arguably, the best non-BCS bowl. The Cotton has to compare with the Capital One bowl, which trying to figure out how the SEC has ties in both is absolute bullshit.

USC or Cal (Holiday Bowl)

With the Nubs having their tickets all but stamped to San Diego, if they pull the upset and roll to the Fiesta, the Holiday is wide open. It could go to Texas Tech or Mizzou. Both probably have a 50/50 shot. The Alamo Bowl has a larger pay-out, so Tech would probably stay there, and Mizzou would go to the Holiday against USC or Cal. A Mizzou/USC match-up would kill. Not sure I would like to go up against USC in a bowl game, but it isn't every day Mizzou gets to rumble with a good Pac-10 opponent. This is an ESPN night game on 12/30 without any other bowls going on. It is the last time the Holiday is going to be a marquee bowl. As awesome as it would be to head to the Holiday Bowl, Nebraska would have to beat Texas and go to the BCS. Do you really want that happening?

Have at it with the poll to the right. Who do you want?

Comments (18)
written by ZOUTiger, November 30, 2009
Say Nebraska wins and goes to the Fiesta. Texas gets an at-large, then Okie State goes to one of the Holiday/Cotton. You don't think the other would jump at the chance to take OU? Down year or not, they travel well, and hell, it's OU. I can't imagine either of them taking Mizzou over Oklahoma this year.

I'm holding my breath for the Sun right now. I'm going to be so bummed when it's the Insight though. I'd rather go to the Independence again.
written by The True Son, November 30, 2009
I'd much rather have the Sun, Holiday or Alamo but I'm not going to be that bummed if we do end up getting the Insight (which I think is inevitable). It's still a bowl and a bowl that Mizzou should probably win. That gives them nine wins, another bowl championship and a lot of positive momentum going into 2010. I was more concerned that they send Reesing and Mangino out with losses than the bowl they were going to end up getting to be completely honest.
written by SammyVegas, November 30, 2009
I know it's always fun to think about what bowl games you could be going to - but I'm pretty sure you're locked in the Insight vs. Minnesota no matter what happens in the Big 12 Championship.
written by SammyVegas, November 30, 2009
Oh, and for what it's'll absolutely destroy Minnesota in that game.
No way we are locked in to the Insight if Nebraska shocks the world...
written by Big Head, November 30, 2009
And for the record, I'm doubting 'Nebraska to the Fiesta Bowl' happens.

Another scenario sees Mizzou in the Sun against Cal.

Neb wins, Okie State to the Cotton (guaranteed in my eyes), Tech to Alamo, Oklahoma to Holiday, and Mizzou to Sun against Cal.

A 7-5 and beat up Oklahoma team just doesn't come across as being valuable in my eyes, but I can see how the name would for the bowls. I really wish Okie State won on Saturday, which probably would have given the B12 two BCS teams and killed off a 6-6 Oklahoma squad from getting a higher profiled bowl.

Personally, I like the Insight match up more for recruiting purposes against Minny than I do any, but the Sun would be a higher profile game.
And Part 2 of this clusterfuck is coming up tomorrow.
written by Big Head, November 30, 2009
Yes, there are somehow more scenarios.
written by Mr. Bump, November 30, 2009
Gabbert vs Kevin Cosgrove defense (Minnesota)???? Can you say 500 yards passing?
Lots of ANGRY Fans in St. Louis if its the Insight Bowl
written by B. Moore (digideth), November 30, 2009
The majority of fans in St. Louis and the surrounding cites have Charter-Fucking-Sux-Communications for a cable provider.

What does that mean.... NO FUCKING NFL NETWORK!

No NFL channel = No watching Mizzou at the Insight Bowl

written by Wolf Stansson, November 30, 2009
@B. Moore: That's why Jesus invented sports bars, better atmosphere than sitting at home anyway.

I was sooo fucking pissed when Oklahoma and Pistols Firing decided to play Big Ten football on Saturday and produced, quite possibly, the least watchable Big 12 game of 2009 (hint, hint for another potential Mizzourah topic), which resulted in Oklahoma remembering it was Oklahoma and in the process shoving Mizzou down about 17 bowl notches.

I think the Insight Bowl is more of a lock for Mizzou than it is for Minnesota. With all of these bowls being as broke as Detroit right now, it's highly possible that the various bowl committees will look at that jumbly-fuck of mid-level Big Ten teams and select solely on estimated travel parties and television ratings. With that said, I wouldn't be shocked to see a vastly superior Northwestern team fall into our laps for a re-match. It sounds dumb, but then again what's right about the bowl selection process???
written by B. Moore (digideth), November 30, 2009
@Wolf Stansson

Im sorry I like to hear what the hell is going on in a game and not have any interruptions. Especially when its a game the concerns my team.

Sports bars are to dam loud cause you have all the idiots & wanna be fans who are at the bar "watching" the bowl game because its a event. Which ends up making the bar even louder and more annoying because they are trying to talk over, make that yell over the rest of the crowd and the game.

I was at a bar for last years cotton bowl and I HATED EVERY DAM MINUTE OF IT.

So what did I do... I came home and watched the whole dam game again in the peacefulness of my living room. Way more enjoyable.
written by Big Head, November 30, 2009
I think local TV affiliates would have the option to pick up the Insight Bowl. kU was in it last year, and I think a KC station picked it up. (Anyone?)
DirecTv wants you to sign right here on the dotted line, Digi.
written by Big Head, November 30, 2009
written by B. Moore (digideth), November 30, 2009
written by kwheels24, December 01, 2009
im jus hopin for the insight bowl so i can actually see them play,if it aint a bcs who really cares wut bowl game it is,jus as long as it televised for better recruits
written by B. Moore (digideth), December 01, 2009
@big head it wasn't picked up by any station in the st. louis & st. charles cites & counties.

Not a big deal to miss a ku you game but it would have been nice to have watched ku lose but they didn't.

DirecTv would be nice but I have been with Charter to long and been complaining for years to get the sweet deal I have now. None of the deals DirecTv offers come close to the package of i have with charter.

oh well. if it comes down to the insight bowl I hope there will be plenty of complaining from the st. louis area to get it on another channel.

I am just starting the complaining early....
written by Big Head, December 01, 2009
it wasn't picked up by any station in the st. louis & st. charles cites & counties.

I doubt any St. Louis area station would pick up the '08 kU bowl game. I'll wait to see if they pick up kU's '09 bowl game
thats what i said
written by B. Moore (digideth), December 01, 2009
The timing is just a bit off
written by MattTiger, December 01, 2009
I would have been really psyched for the Insight Bowl... if it was a few days earlier.

I'm from the Phoenix area but live in Atlanta. I'm in town with my wife visiting the families till Dec. 29.... when is the Insight Bowl... oh yeah... Dec. 31... where will I be... oh yeah.. .Atlanta.... lame sauce.

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