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Bob Stoops Agrees to Contract With Notre Dame (UPDATED) E-mail
Written by Big Head   
Monday, 30 November 2009 21:33

Well, that was a quick flip-flop, and could open up the Big 12 a bit: outlets have it that Bob Stoops has agreed to a contract with Notre Dame. No word if he's signed off on the deal yet.

Linkage to KTUL, Tulsa's ABC-TV affiliate.

**UPDATE 9:31p central**

KTUL has updated the story a bit. For a transcript of Bob getting after the reporter and those statements made earlier, go for the link above.

Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis was fired Monday after five seasons and a 35-27 record. Then, a report indicated the Notre Dame Athletic Department and Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops had verbally agreed to the principles of a contract.

Tonight, NewsChannel 8 was contacted by OU Senior Associate AD Kenny Mossman, who issued the following statement from Stoops.

"I stand by the comments that I made earlier today.  I will be at Oklahoma.  Any reporting to the contrary is completely unfounded."

Earlier today, Stoops tried to put a damper on the rumors in his weekly teleconference. But, he stopped short of an outright denial.

Comments (8)
written by Mr. Bump, November 30, 2009
Holy tits...that's huge. And props to Mizzourah for having this story before and Yahoo.
written by Big Head, November 30, 2009
@Bump- It's what we do (or something like that).

Someone just said Stoops released a statement via the SID. Trying to find it. I mean, this is Bob Stoops we are talking about, so even if he gives the nay-no, I'm not believing that 100%. He did just get an extension with OU, but he might be just going for a money grab from the Sooners to get a larger contract too.
And for the record...
written by Big Head, November 30, 2009
KTUL rolled with it 1st. It's their link.
written by Mr. Bump, November 30, 2009
Still not buying it completely. Just seems like after 11 years a change of scenery might be welcome.
written by Big Head, November 30, 2009
@Bump- If it's going to happen, now would be ideal for Bob. His 'Big Game' rep is getting crapped on, and Bradford and a lot of that team is gone.

Could just be weasling for a new deal, but I think there's more to it. Just my opinion.
written by davemacd, December 01, 2009
I will believe this the minute a story directly cites an individual in the ND athletic department or Stoops himself, and not a minute before. I agree that this would be a perfect time for Stoops to jump ship, but I think the reporting on this has been pretty sketchy (present company excluded).
written by Big Head, December 01, 2009
I won't believe it until ND actually makes a hire. Stoops is just a wee bit shady. I had read on a message board that ND's plane was spotted at an Oklahoma airport, but again, that's a MB post.

Add in a possibility that Stoops could lose both coordinators to head coaching gigs. Just another thing that would point towards going to ND. Maybe rehiring Mangino and truck it to South Bend.
written by Coyote, December 01, 2009
Probably not true. But I want that big nosed dbag out of the big 12.

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