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Todd Reesing Loves Bagged Wine, Men Grabbing His Chest E-mail
Written by Big Head   
Monday, 27 July 2009 17:41

From your WTF?file of the day, we find kU's resident BMOC dousing himself with some of Franzia's finest boxed wine, the official state drink of Kansas.

We already knew Todd Reesing loved himself some old bags, but in addition to boxed wine, my head may asplode.

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written by A Fastidious Hat, July 27, 2009
The man-groping is way too much for me. Props for the bag wine, though. Stayin' classy.
written by Sammy Vegas, July 27, 2009
Here's to hoping that's not a bag full of his girlfriend's.....well, you know.

Still think they are winning the North huh?
No, I wouldn't take kU in the North...
written by Big Head, July 27, 2009
Right now they are the best of the contenders (Mizzou, Nebraska, kU), but I think the way the season works out, it'll be different.
Can't wait for the beakers to show up
written by The True Son, July 27, 2009
How long until the beaker posters show up trying to justify this pic? "Whatever, lots of college kids dump bag wine all over themselves while their buddy fondles their chest hair. That's what you do when your a college athlete. This kid's just livin' the dream."
written by Big Head, July 27, 2009
I think even the guys at Oread (Ginger and HipHop) will cringe on this one. The pictures have just gotten progressively worse/crazier, and it started with him hammered in the P&L; District dancing with some old ass tail.

I'm really hoping Camerohead is another Gameday location, if only so I can see Reesing summer break all over the signs behind the 'Lee Corso is a penis' sign.
written by davemacd, July 27, 2009
I'm really hoping Camerohead is another Gameday location, if only so I can see Reesing summer break all over the signs behind the 'Lee Corso is a penis' sign.

I would gladly contribute to a Kinkos fund for such a poster. The Blake Griffin poster at the OU Bball game was funny, but if I hadn't already seen the picture online, I wouldn't have recognized him. This will require some professional print work.
mmmm-hmmm! *snap*
written by Missourian in Texas, July 28, 2009
I'm surprised you're focusing more on the bag wine than we are the gay-like groping. I always had my suspicions about which side he really played on . . .
No cringing here...
written by hiphopopotamus, July 28, 2009
But every one of these makes me miss college a little more. Ahh, glory days.
written by The True Son, July 28, 2009
What?! Seriously? That's what you did when you were in college? Really? My experience was apparently much different from yours.
written by hiphopopotamus, July 28, 2009
I chugged and/or doused myself in alcohol quite frequently while I was in college. I believe it was referred to as "after-hours."
And was it bag wine you were chugging?
written by The True Son, July 28, 2009
And were your buddies fondling your chest hair while you were doing it? Because mine weren't.

And not to go on a morality trip here because I fully understand that college athletes are going to drink and I have no problem at all with it. But at some point don't you want your star QB focusing a little more on football when this is potentially the biggest season in your program's history? I mean, photos like this have surfaced on the Internet multiple times so you gotta assume it's happening pretty frequently. I don't think Chase Daniel was dumping bag wine on himself with barely over a month before the start of the '07 season. And if he was then he was at least smart enough to make sure it didn't show up on the Internet.
written by Big Head, July 28, 2009
Chase was too busy with Blair.
I can't say I remember much about anything after hours...
written by hiphopopotamus, July 29, 2009
but I'm certainly in no position to pass judgment on anyone else.

As to your morality...absolutely not. Of course I want him to come out every Saturday and light the world on fire, but I could care less what he does with the rest of his time, let alone his summer.
Hate to break it to ya
written by The True Son, July 29, 2009
but what he does on the other 352 days of the year has a lot to do with how he performs on Saturdays. Do you think Colt McCoy or Sam Bradford are dumping bags of wine on themselves with two-a-days barely over a week away?

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