The Mizzourah staple has never left; kUchebags are always among us. The kUchebag never, ever leaves. That guy next to your cubicle could be one. Of course, if he pops a collar or three and prefers Abercrombie, American Eagle, or wearing a medium sized shirt when he damn well knows he needs an XL, you may have more than a hunch. kUchebags can be found everywhere, and True Son found the kUchebag hangout.

If the picture wasn't enough, check out the caption.

'it's now or never, do or die, we attack the action, slam by jackson' and yes the beard is for good luck Honoring jeff boschee with this shirt, '01 B12 champs

If the shitty Daughtry beard mixed with a headband wasn't enough, the fact that he can't match the captioned year on his own shirt correctly should be another clue of his kUchieness. Oh, and the "tribute" to Jeff Boschee? I thought Jeff Boschee would prefer a Lucky Pierre as a tribute to himself.

Keep your camera handy, and if you snap the ever elusive kUchebag, make sure to email it to us at [email protected].