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Big 12 Media Poll E-mail
Written by Big Head   
Thursday, 23 July 2009 11:27

Get ready for this: Nebraska is favored by the B12 media voters to win the North.

2009 Big 12 Football Media Preseason Poll

North Division

1. Nebraska (17) 172

2. Kansas (12) 164

3. Missouri (3) 124

4. Colorado 100

5. Kansas State 81

6. Iowa State 33

South Division

1. Texas (17) 174

1. Oklahoma (15) 174

3. Oklahoma State 130

4. Texas Tech 89

5. Baylor 75

6. Texas A&M 33

first-place votes in parentheses

Comments (13)
written by Sammy Vegas, July 23, 2009
I knew I came over here for a good reason.

Solid work on the new look here at Mizzourah. You look almost presentable now!!!
written by Big Head, July 23, 2009
Consider this our good cut-off shirt.
written by Dave MacD, July 23, 2009
After all the hemming and hawing over Phil Steele's 5th-place prediction, I'm pleasantly surprised to see that Mizzou picked up 3 first place votes.
written by Husker_Engineer, July 23, 2009
I assume Dave Matter has a vote, so you were guaranteed at least one.
written by Dave MacD, July 23, 2009
Why would Matter vote for Mizzou? He's very professional, and I don't think he would vote for the team he covers just because he likes them. Journalists like him are a different kind of fan than you and me.
written by Big Head, July 24, 2009
I want to know who Lee Barfbag and Tom Shatel voted for.

Is there a list of people that actually get to vote on this? I don't think the StL Post-Dispatch even has a vote, or at least I hope they don't. They haven't had a Mizzou/B12 writer since Graham Watson left for the WWL. I imagine Matter and Mike DeArmond both vote (CoMo, KC Star), but that's it from Missouri.
written by GingerBalls, July 24, 2009
Same shit, different address...

In all seriousness, congrats on the new site. It still has shitty colors but the layout makes them look much less shitty. Haha. At least the Bloguin penguin is sporting the team colors.

Nebraska fans should thank their south schedule if the media's prediction rings true. Escaping CoMo or Lawrence with a W would garner some respect though.
written by Big Head, July 24, 2009
I don't see how Nebraska gets out of either with a win, and as far as their south schedule goes, they'll get routed by Oklahoma (but who won't this year other than Texas?) and I think they'll lose to Baylor or TT...maybe both. Other than ATM, I don't take any B12S teams for granted.
written by Big Head, July 24, 2009
Here's Matter's vote:

North Division
1. Kansas
2. Missouri
3. Nebraska
4. Colorado
5. Kansas State
6. Iowa State

South Division
1. Texas
2. Oklahoma
3. Oklahoma State
4. Texas Tech
5. Baylor
6. Texas A&M;
written by Sammy Vegas, July 24, 2009
I'm sure my buddy DeArmond has the north exactly the same as Dave Mutter.

The south is a lock to go to Texas or Oklahoma. Okie State anywhere other than 3rd would be a surprise.

As far as the north goes, I think you can get a strong case from anyone of the top 4 teams as to why they'll win.

I've been telling people for quite some time....Colorado is the dark horse here. Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska all at home and all are very winnable for a team with a shitload of starters back and that will have a surprisingly explosive offense. Watch out.

Chase, Chase, and Maclin aren't going to be replaced this year. And then there's your defense...
written by Big Head, July 24, 2009
I know we've had this conversation, but Maclin and Coffman both missed a lot of time last year, enough to where their backups started games. Hell, Jones may have played more snaps than Coffman did last year.

Gabbert will be fine, especially with Derrick Washington and a solid OL in front of him.
written by Husker_Engineer, July 24, 2009
I was talking out my ass. I know nothing of Matter, except that he writes about ya'all.

Shatel is a freaking he probably is one of your three....

And since Peterson and Callahan are gone, Barfy probably voted for us.
written by Big Head, July 24, 2009
Go down a few. Matter voted for kU (gross). I really can't blame him if he's going for the team with the least amount of questions.

Shatel bugged the hell out of me, only to be made logical by the insane writings of Barfbag. Barf would argue if you told him the sky was blue. I liked the other guy that wrote for the OWH (can't remember his name...Mitch?). Barf was a homerish Jay Mariotti, trying to make the story more about him than the actual focus of the story. Shatel didn't even do that when he was doing editorials!

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