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Bowl Preview- Navy E-mail
Written by Big Head   
Thursday, 31 December 2009 05:11

You can say Mizzou got shafted by having to play in the Texas Bowl. I beg to differ- Houston recruits show up for bowl practices, 15 Texas high school coaches showed up for a clinic (hmm, I wonder if they might point recruits towards GP now), and it's a nationally shown, basic cable game on ESPN. WIN. Now for the hard part: beating Navy.

-Keep this name on the tip of your tongue: Ricky Dobbs. He is a poor man's Ricky Dobbs. I'm talking like 'Living in Detroit' kind of poor. He is a rusher and barely throws.

-Sure, Navy's offense is stuck in 1940. Mizzou still hasn't seen it in years, if ever. By the time many of these players started in high school, schools had flipped to the spread, and away from the option. The fact that Dave Steckel had extra time to get this D prepped is heavy.

-Mizzou's rushing D is stout. Navy doesn't pass. I can't see how this is a loss.

-Navy, being an independent, would have figured to have played a team similar to Mizzou; a pass first, spread offense. Nope. The Tiger O is going to be as foreign to Navy's D as Navy's O is to the Tiger's D. The only thing you might be able to compare it from the Midshipmen's schedule would be LaTech or Hawaii, but even then, the talent factor is a huge gap. 

-Against passing offenses, Navy gives up yards. A lot of them. It could be a late Christmas for Blaine Gabbert.

-Navy has one, good sized corner (Kevin Edwards, 6-2). Watch for DaNario to be matched up with Edwards.

-Mizzou can't make mistakes. Navy definitely won't.

As long as Spoon and the LBs keep Ricky Dobbs in check, this 6.5 point spread should be obliterated. Navy is a good team, don't get me wrong. Their players don't make mistakes, but the talent just isn't there to go up against a better B12 team. Blaine Gabbert should have a hey-day going to DaNario, Jerrell Jackson, and Wes Kemp, and it'll be fun to see Jared Perry get out there again. The Midshipmen are built strong up front on the defensive side of the ball, but in the secondary...not so much. I'm going with a 42-17 Mizzou victory.

And one final chugging of a glass of Victory Whiskey.

Comments (10)
written by Mr. Bump, December 31, 2009
okay last chance for MU to make right with me. Bumpy needs a new pair of shoes!!
written by Big Head, December 31, 2009
you could pick your favorite kid and send them to college.

Tell the other one to get info on the Navy since, you know, they are watching them and all.
written by A Fastidious Hat, December 31, 2009
Well, that was bad.
written by Big Head, January 01, 2010
written by Mr. Bump, January 01, 2010
That was gawd awful. I'm sure getting destroyed by a service academy and looking lifeless did wonders for recruiting.

Happen to catch that Iowa State bowl game? Winner, winner chicken dinner.
Navy A$$ kicking
written by ksm323s, January 01, 2010
I gave my dillusional Mizzou fan father-in-law 16 points on Thursday morning prior to the game. Mizzou is w/o a doubt the most overrated team in the country for the last 4-5 years. They're are a joke. They have never beaten anyone of note in the Big 12. They only schedule cup cake non-conference games. Why is it that Mizzou fans think that they are so intitled to better bowl games when they finish in the middle of the Big 12 North (Joke)? Mizzou just got owned by NAVY...which I predicted with many dillusional Mizzou friends and family of mine. Let me know when Mizzou schedules someone of note...PAC 10 (USC, Oregon, even STANFORD)...Big 10 (Ohio State, PSU, MSU, hell even Purdue)...SEC (LSU, UF, Georgia, hell even Vanderbilt). Until that day comes Mizzou has NO credibility as a Div. I football program. You can have your qb put up stupid #'s year after year (B. Smith, C. Daniels, ....probably Gabbert) but until you play someone it is all for not. Good news is, all the players, coaches, and fans get to watch QUALITY FOOTBALL for the rest of January! ha ha ha ha ha
written by husker N arizona, January 01, 2010
mizzou might have a decent 2010 recruiting class made up of all OFFENSIVE players...mabye 1 or 2 decent defensive guys...sorry but id take NU's class anyday with all the stout defensive talent coming in.....this mizzou team couldnt stop NAVY and had a month to prepare....defense wins championships and as long as pelini is in lincoln and pinkel is in columbia from here on out mizzou will get knocked around, beat up, and gabbert will end up like josh freeman..a LOSER against NU....and i agree with the last poster...mizzou fans feel so damn entilted to greatness....just as sorry as colorado and gold/yellow whatever the hell color brings champions! (yawn) even in mizzous best two seasons with daniel and maclin they never won the big 12 north outright...congrats on that accomplishment
written by husker N arizona, January 01, 2010
and spoon (who i give props was a beast of a player and leader) is SUH is gone too....going to be missed more than any husker ever, but when bo says were going to better on defense, were going to be better...he's the best defensive mind in college football so why doubt him?
written by husker N arizona, January 01, 2010
imagine in 2003 when steve pederson destroyed Nebraska for 4 years and hired bill callajoke (once a pussy ass raider always a pussy ass raider..CHIEFS FAN HERE) and kevin cosgrove instead of interim coach bo pelini...holy shit how things would've been different...
A Husker fan talking about OOC schedule?
written by Big Head, January 02, 2010
hahaha. Your Sun Belt conference title looks good. That was the first line I read of that comment (and was the last).

It was a piss poor showing. Won't cost us any recruits. Any non-BCS CG is really an exhibition anyway. Navy is a solid squad, and that 1910 offense still works (see GTech).

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