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Fixing Your Problems on This Interweb Site Dealy E-mail
Written by Big Head   
Wednesday, 26 August 2009 17:41

Of course, as we've dicked around with more of the new gadgets on Mizzourah 2.0, we've got a little bit of help for you.

-If you're viewing on Internet Explorer as your web browser, on the very top by the URL you'll see a torn up piece of paper as an icon (Compatibility View). Click that to make the site more compatible to what you've got going on with your IE browser. We realize there is a crap ton of stuff going on on the front page; videos, ads, whatever. The Compatibility View is typically used for messing with old sites to bring them to standards, but if you do that, it eliminates a major error that I was having while using IE. Of course, if you're using FireFox, you're already doing 10x better as I quickly learned. FireFox hasn't had 10% of the problems that I had on Internet Explorer. Again, if on IE, do the Compatibility View button and that should eliminate most of your problems.

-I killed off Mizzourah 1.0. Did it Ol' Yeller style: backyard, shotgun, and now it's washed up in some ditch in blogosphere heaven...or somewhere not so heavenly. As I mentioned when we kicked this 2.0 off, we would have everything from the old site archived, which we do. It's all under the 'Archive' tab up top, and under 'Blogspot Content'. Like that kid that got hit by the train sophomore year of high school and got the front page in the year book, Mizzourah 1.0 is gone but not forgotten. Wait a second. This thing may be back on track instead. I guess I'll know more tomorrow. Either way, the .blogspot could be on the Green Mile or could just be a walking zombie right now. FREAK SHOW!

-Of course, you can sign up for a Bloguin commenting account HERE. It is free, as usual, and gets you some stuff that other non-users don't have like not having to fill out CAPTCHA in your comments. If you still refuse to sign up for an account, that's can still comment. It's just an extra step or two to fill in the box every time with your handle/site/email and then CAPTCHA.

The Bloguin account is going to become handy here pretty quickly. Another Friend of the Family is coming aboard the Bloguin ship in the next week I believe, but I'll let them spill the beans on the entrance (Hint: if you've been around Mizzourah for awhile, I can almost guarantee you've hit their site. Duh duh duhhhhhn.).

-We are also contemplating a Live Blog of some games. Rock M Nation usually does a bang up job on this, so I'm not sure what I want to do. I usually just point you that way, but now we have a little more opportunity to do it on here. Anyone interested in listening to me rant not being under center, having my dog give handshakes after every TD, and that my nacho cheese just burnt a hole in the roof of my mouth?

Podcast is in the works for Sunday. That'll be up on iTunes (search ''. It'll be on here too). Me drinking myself into bolivan for the Cutler v Denver game Sunday along with a few Fantasy Football drafts should make for an innerestin' (read: drunk) podcast. Of course, if you haven't already, make sure you get in the Big 12 Bloggers Pick 'em League. Again, FREE and I fully expect a Mizzou winner.

Since football does begin tomorrow (Northwest Missouri State @ Abilene Christian!), just one final rule as you begin your tailgating season:

Comments (5)
tough one....
written by B. Moore (digideth), August 26, 2009
I tell what, I will at least give your live coverage a shot. The problem is I'm not sure if the flavor of Joomla you us is as good as the cms rockMnation uses...

Definitely give your podcast a listen too. Idea for you to 1up rockMnation.... Live video blog'n with ustream..... maybe? just a thought.
forgot a line
written by B. Moore (digideth), August 26, 2009
**its more about how the cms's can handle the live updating then what kind of cms it is.
written by Big Head, August 27, 2009
I'll probably get with those guys and see what/when they are live blogging. I know most of the times, they'll just head to the games, and for the other 80% of us, we're watching it on TV. Are they using a different program since last football season for live blogging? I thought it was pretty much just an updated post every so often (or at least that's what I could tell). I know there are so many computer programs now that just allow you to almost make live blogging similar to a chat room.
written by Big Head, August 27, 2009
And you can just search '' if you have iTunes for the podcast, or I'll throw up a link on the post, just as we've done in the past.
written by B. Moore (digideth), August 27, 2009
Ya I was on their site for just about every live thread (chat room) BBall game, any home football I will be at the game. Haven't missed a home game in 10 years!

Anyways... The live threading on rockMnation was instantaneous, you never reloaded the page. I know its not a application that is run on your home pc its part of the blog cms (Content Management System). From looking at the source code it looks like sbnation has created its own blog cms.

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