Living in SEC territory now has given me the opportunity to confirm that all the stereotypes of SEC fans are true; Bama bangs, proudly gay for their conference, and most importantly, nothing outside of the SEC exists in their minds.

Example: Having a job in the media gives you co-workers from all over the US. My coworkers went to/are fans of schools including USC, LSU, Colorado, K-State, Iowa, Wisconsin, Bama, and of course (living in Knoxville), Tennessee. A coworker was walking around in a K-State shirt Wednesday. Another guy, a Vols fan, was confused as to what the shirt was. Well, here's the play-by-play.

(K-Stater walks by, and down the hall.)

Coworker (turning around): Why the fuck is Marcus wearing a Thundercats shirt?
Me: Are you serious?
Coworker: No, seriously. That's just creepy.
Me: It's a Kansas State shirt.
Coworker: They have the Thundercats logo? Creepy man, just creepy.