Written by Slim | 26 May 2010

inthebleachersMichael Felder, of the (almost) award winning blog, inthebleachers.net hosted me on his most recent podcast.  Check it out as we talk all things Mizzou football...  Just don't ask me anything about Texas Tech.

We're podcasting

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Written by Slim | 24 May 2010

OK, so he might be 5'10 with shoes on, but still, if you haven't seen this yet, do yourself a favor and watch the video.  Mizzou recruit Phil Pressey throws down on fellow Mizzou recruit Tony Mitchell.  It's nasty.

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Written by PRF | 23 May 2010


The end of Draft Day '10 won't take the bag off this Detroit fan's head.

The Detroit Lions did not win the Super Bowl last year, which makes it strange that they had the final pick of this year’s NFL draft. They likely acquired the last pick during the Matt Millan era in a trade with Tampa for their first round pick. Millan’s reasoning: If I unload my first round pick, then no one will be able to get on my back for selecting another Joey Harrington, Charles Rogers or Mike Williams. Well Matty, you got fired before you could see it happen and were forced to watch how Detroit’s latest mock executive committee would capitalize on the final draft pick in 2010.

The final person selected in the NFL draft is known as Mr. Irrelevant. Why? Well, because he is the last player selected and has little to no chance of carrying Gatorade into the end zone for more than a couple years, let alone touchdowns.

When the final pick came to Detroit at No. 255, the Lions were thinking WR. Their boy Marc Mariani out of Montana and the Big Sky conference had been snagged at No. 222 by Tennessee so Detroit was reeling. They had to make the selection between these two players and they had to make it fast:

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Written by Slim | 21 May 2010



This week's edition of Facebook Friday features former Tigers Sean Weatherspoon (foreground) and Danario Alexander.  Not sure about you, but I don't know if I could get that high off the ground with a diving board, yet alone standing flat footed.  Then again, I'm not one of the best players in Mizzou football history.


And how could we include Danario in Facebook Friday without throwing up this classic?

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Written by Slim | 20 May 2010

Let's hope this year's Huskers Illustrated is off by as much as the 2007 edition was.

Nebraska recently released their 2010 football team yearbook.  The cover features Prince Amukamara and Eric Hagg above the title "Big Red Rising: Huskers Eye Return to Nation's Top 10."  The Huskers are Missouri's biggest (only?) competitor in the North but personally, I think they're getting way too much love this offseason.  As much as I hate to say it, they are definitely a good team.  Coming away with a win in Lincoln this year will be tough for Mizzou.  However, I'm not sold that they're a top 10 team in the country.

Anyway, this site allowed visitors to view covers of past editions of the Husker team yearbook.  I thought the 2007 edition was pretty amusing:


At least the Nubs' intentions were good.  They were coming off a 9-5 season in 2006 and if they intended to do better than that, they certainly didn't show it on the field.  In 2007 they proceeded to go 5-7, including 2-6 in the Big 12.  Their lone conference wins were against Iowa State and Kansas State.  They lost to Missouri 41-6, kU 76-39, and Colorado 65-51.  So much for aiming higher.

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Written by Slim | 20 May 2010

Headline about the kU football team: "Football lacking stars"

I like the sound of that.  Here's the introduction to Tom Keegan's story on kusports.com:

"Quick, identify the biggest star, the guy whose name you want on the marquee to help sell season tickets for the 2010 Kansas University football team.


Still thinking.

Haven’t come up with anybody yet.

Can I use one of my lifelines to call a friend?

No, it wouldn’t do any good anyway.

The closest thing Kansas has to such a player is a running back who does his best work running between the tackles and is not listed anywhere on new coach Turner Gill’s two-deep depth chart he released after spring football."

Here's a link to the full story: Click

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Written by Slim | 18 May 2010

Mizzou fans old and young have discussed at length what we think of the Big Ten. It’s been debated what switching conferences would do financially, academically, and even how it would affect recruiting. But what does the Big Ten think of Missouri? After spending some time in Big Ten territory, I realized there is a wide range of views.

Before I dive in, let me preface it with this: It doesn’t really matter what they, those scholarly northerners with boring football and slow-paced basketball teams think of Mizzou. If they want Missouri, great. If they don’t, well, Mizzou will crawl back to the awful TV deals and poor revenue sharing of the Big 12 and pretend like they didn’t really want the Big Ten all along. But if (or when) a move comes, the Tigers respect will have to be earned, not given from the folks “up there.”

I’m from Big Ten country. I was born and raised in Minneapolis and lived there for the first 18 years of my life. I watched as Minnesota football, much like Missouri, fought an upward battle toward respectability, and then transitioned from hoping to make bowl games to battling to earn their place among the conference’s elite (Granted, Minnesota has since taken a step backward). In basketball, I watched as the Gophers, much like the Tigers, had a rich history tarnished by NCAA violations, fell to all-time lows, only to rebound in recent years under the leadership of a good head coach.anderson.jpg.html

Mike Anderson has Mizzou pointed in the right direction in the Big 12.  Would that continue in the Big Ten?

A few weeks ago I returned home to the Twin Cities. Knowing I’m now a “Mizzou guy,” many friends, co-workers and family members were eager to discuss Missouri’s potential move to “their,” conference with me. no comments


Written by Slim | 16 May 2010

Saw this gem floating around youtube and thought I'd pass it on... no comments

Written by Slim | 14 May 2010

I figure Facebook Friday might be a good way to start introducing Mizzou fans to some of the incoming Tiger recruits.  Considering most of us know very little about recruits (other than what rivals tell us), perhaps facebook could help us get to know those who will soon be wearing the black and gold.

Darvin Ruise ladies and gentlemen...





What I know about Darvin Ruise from rivals:

1. He is a defensive prospect from Northern Florida.

2. He can bench press 325 pounds.

3. He had scholarship offers from Georgia Tech, South Carolina, and Tennessee


What I know about Darvin Ruise from facebook:

1. He looks huge and I would not want to fight him.

2. He is excited about attending the University of Missouri.

3. He may or may not enjoy skateboarding.

Well, there you have it.  Now you know everything you need to know about Darvin Ruise.


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Written by Turkey Tom | 12 May 2010

We’ve heard this class is good, but just how good? Here’s what the major recruiting services are saying about the players in Mizzou’s 2010 recruiting class.


Tony Mitchell

6’8 220 - SF

Dallas TX, Pinkston HS

Rivals: ***** (#12 overall player, #2 SF)

Scout: ***** (#2 SF)

ESPN: ***** (#24 overall, #8 PF)

ESPN Grade: 95


  • Mitchell is making his case as the most dynamic athlete of the state's Class of 2010. The 6-foot-8 Missouri signee often plays as a man among boys.”

-Damon Sales Texashoops.com

  • “Josh Selby, Harrison Barnes, Enes Kanter, Kyrie Irving, Brandon Knight, Perry Jones and Tony Mitchell would have been candidates to skip college and go straight to the NBA.”

–Jerry Meyer Rivals.com

  • Tony Mitchell was ranked as the 3rd best rebounder and 4rd best defender of the forwards in the 2010 basketball class by rivals.com
  • Averaged 20.5 PPG, 13.3 RPG, and 4.4 APG this season.


Ricardo Ratliffe

6’9 225 - PF/C

Ocala FL, Ocala Junior College

Rivals: **** (#1 Overall junior college player)

Scout: ****

ESPN: *****

ESPN Grade: 95


  • This young man is a scoring machine in the paint. He is a big time athlete who runs the floor with terrific speed, jumps a second time quickly or jumps over you to score. What makes him special is that he has great physical attributes along with a soft scoring touch. He is a willing rebounder on both ends of the floor.”

–Scouts Inc. on Ricardo Ratliffe

  • Averaged 26.7 PPG, 11.1 RPG, and shot 61 percent from the field including 39 percent from three-point range.
  • Played in the NJCAA All-American game


Mizzou could have used some of Ratliffe's size and athleticism in the paint last year.


Phil Pressey

5’10 160 - PG

Dallas TX, Episcopal School of Dallas

Rivals: **** (#61 overall player, #15 PG)

Scout: **** #11 PG

ESPN: ***** (#42 overall, #9 PG)

ESPN Grade: 95


  • Ranked as the 3rd best ball handler in the 2010 PG class by rivals.com.
  • “Pressey knows how to keep a play alive. He continually threatens the defense with his ball-handling ability.”

- Jerry Meyer, rivals.com

  • A Missouri signee, Pressey is cat quick and deceptively athletic. The 5-foot-10 point guard isn't afraid to dunk on taller defenders.”

- Damon Sales, texashoops.com

  • Averaged 20.2 PPG 7.3 RPG and 7 APG this season


Ricky Kreklow

6’5 185 - SG/SF

Columbia MO, Rockbridge HS

Rivals: ***

Scout: *** (#31 SF)

ESPN: **** (#75 SG)

;ESPN Grade: 88


Kreklow is a very good 3-point shooter for his size. He has good skills and is a very good passer who minimizes mistakes and shares the ball.”

- Scouts Inc.


Matt Pressey

6’2 - SG

Dallas TX, Navarro Junior College

Rivals: No Ranking

Scout: **

ESPN: ****

ESPN Grade: 84


  • “Pressey has a very diversified game, giving him the ability to wear many hats for his team. He has a good body, strength and leaping ability which gives him the ability to guard the opposing team's best player despite sometimes giving up a few inches in height. He moves his feet very well on defense and pressures the ball effectively. On the offensive end, Pressey has good ball-handling skills and uses his quickness to easily get to the rim. He also will stick the perimeter jumper from 3-point range if left alone, but he really excels off the dribble and shooting the mid-range jump shot. He also plays well in the open court, effectively finishing in transition. Pressey plays as the typical glue guy for a team, doing whatever his teams requires for a victory.”

- Scouts Inc.

  • Played in the NJCAA All-American game


Kadeem Green

6’8 185 - PF

Charlotte NC, United Faith Christian Academy

Rivals: ***

Scout: *** (#38 PF)

ESPN: **** (#64 PF)

ESPN Grade: 89


  • “Green is a very good athlete that runs the floor and can finish inside with athletic scoring moves. His great length allows him to be a factor on the glass at both ends of the floor. He scores in the post with good strength and has comfortable shooting range out to about 15 feet. He is a good enough athlete to defend both forward positions as well.”

-Scouts Inc.


Overall Class:

Rivals.com: Class Rank #6, #1 in the Big 12

Scout.com: Class Rank #6, #1 in the Big 12

ESPN.com: Class Rank #11, #1 in the Big 12


  • “Led by five-star forward Tony Mitchell, the Missouri 2010 recruiting class is definitely a top-10 class. In fact, it is possibly a top-five class. Ricardo Ratliffe is considered the top post player coming out of the junior college ranks. The class also includes Matt Pressey's younger brother Phil Pressey, who is a four-star prospect. Phil Pressey is the quintessential playmaker at the point guard position. Three-star shooter Ricky Kreklow and promising combo forward Kadeem Green round out the class.”

–Jerry Meyer Rivals.com

My Thoughts:

Obviously, Mitchell, Ratliffe, and Phil Pressey are going to get a lot of hype and attention. And they should. That comment above about Mitchell going straight to the NBA really says something about his natural talent. But don’t sleep on the three other recruits.

The coaches went after Green early for a reason. He was committed by October and should develop into a solid contributor for the Tigers. As for Matt Pressey, the comments above speak to the type of player coaches think he can be. He’s a type of guy that every team needs. Kim English described him a lot like Zaire Taylor except better offensively. That is high praise.

Finally, with Kreklow, everyone is quick to draw comparisons to another tall, skinny, white small forward that played for the Tigers in Matt Lawrence. I think that is selling Kreklow a little short. Lawrence was a fantastic three-point shooter and a good team guy, but spot up shooting and solid effort were about all you were going to get from Lawrence (not that that is bad, he filled his role well). I’ve seen Kreklow in person and he is more athletic than you might guess. He plays tough D (not exactly Lawrence’s specialty) and seems to know what he’s doing on the basketball court. Throw in the fact that he’s been scrimmaging and hanging out with current members of the team and that only benefits his development.

Rivals and other recruiting sites have only been around for about 8-10 years, but this is easily Missouri’s best class in that time period. Then again, you never know what can happen. The 2004 class of Marshall Brown, Kalen Grimes, Jason Horton, and Glen Dandridge was supposed to be one of the Big 12’s best. Safe to say that uh… didn’t pan out.

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