During our podcast last week I predicted Mizzou would win eight games this but added that my forecast could completely change after watching the Tigers play in week 1. And after seeing Saturday’s game I do want to make some revisions:
  • Gabbert was an overrated high school recruit. He has all the tools but clearly no intangibles. I know his finals stats look impressive but I’d call the numbers deceivingly good because BG was BAAAAD on Saturday. Jimmy Costello will be starting by the time Nebraska comes to CoMo. And someone might want to look up Blaine Dalton’s cell phone number just to have him on standby.
  • The receiving corps is in shambles after losing J-Mac, Coffman and Tommy Saunders. Danario Alexander is destined to never live up to his full potential. Even if he had the heart his knees clearly look shot. Also, can’t remember hearing Wes Kemp’s name called once.
  • The defense isn’t going to be able to pressure Furman’s QB let alone get by a Big 12 O-line. The Smith boys and Coultergeist are obviously nothing more than message board legends. And the secondary doesn’t appear any better than when Justin Garret and a one-footed Willy Mo were back there. Spoon looks like he’s already got his eyes on next season when he’s backing up Ray Lewis.
  • Special teams…good God special teams. Are we sure Jeff Wolfert doesn’t have one more year of eligibility? Can we bring in the rest of the diving team for a tryout to see if there are any other diamonds in the rough? Maybe it was just first game jitters but Grant Ressel looked RATTLED.
  • I hate to admit it but Juice Williams looks like he’s finally ready for that breakout year Illni fans have been waiting for. Don’t throw away that Juice for Heisman T-shirt that you bought three years ago just yet Illinois fans. Say what you want about the Big 11, but this Illinois team is legit. Wouldn’t be surprised at all to see them making a return to the Rose Bowl this year.
  • Moving on to the rest of the Big 12, in our podcast Big Head, Hat and myself all agreed that the people saying K-State and Colorado could surprise people this year were morons. Well, looks like it’s safe to say WE were the morons. Looks like Bill Snyder has erased all the destruction Ron Prince caused over the last three years and has that program right back where it was when Darren Sproles was wearing purple. And Colorado’s performance last night speaks for itself. These are two games I was counting as W’s that now look like they’re definite L’s. I’ll never question Phil Steele’s predictions again. This could be a long year us Mizzou fans.
  • But seriously...M-I-Z, bitches.