CFN doesn't hold much back.

9. Nebraska 3-1
Last Week: Didn't Play This Week
This Week: at Missouri
Why the ranking is too high: The Huskers will probably lose at Missouri on Thursday night. The offense hasn't produced enough points against anyone with a pulse and it will have to prove it can keep up in a firefight, which it might be in Columbia.

About not having a pulse, let's take a look at that Husker schedule. According to Jeff Sagarin, the ranking genius, the three Husker wins came against the #103, #104, and #113 ranked teams, for an average of 108. For perspective, Bowling Green, Mizzou's lowest ranked FBS win, is #100.

And in case you missed it, the Huskers loss to VTech isn't looking the best this week. VTech avoided an upset bid AGAINST DUKE. By the way, Duke actually scored some touchdowns.