Ran across this a couple weeks ago and thought this would be a good week to post it. Here we have a Nebraska fan breaking down the '07 Tigers and Huskers in July of '07. Crazy how we're hearing a lot of the same arguments. Via Breakdown:

Oh wow

Lay off the crackpipe dude.

QB-Keller easily. Bigger, stronger, better arm, faced better competition.

RB-NU is deeper and more talented. You guys have Tony "toilet tissue" Temple and that's it.

OL-Nebraska has at least three players named on preseason all-conference lists. You have a C and then a bunch of stooges up front. WR-Even


DL-Not even close. When you get a "superstar" up front, let me know. Nebraska has two of them.

LB-not close (laughable to even suggest otherwise)

DB-not close (Darnell Terrell would be 3rd string at NU-maybe)

Nebraska is a superior team because we have better players on defense and we have more depth. The dropoff from your 1st to your 2nd teamers is huge. Nebraska has recruited lights out so its not the case.