Photo via Missourian

Well, the first game of the year is done, and the Tigers ended up on the good side of an 83-68, 15 point win. There were some bright spots, and there are some things to work on.


-As True Son said on the Mizzourah Twitter page, Laurence Bowers may have a higher ceiling than DeMarre, which is big to say considering JYD was a 1st rounder. Bowers was a beast Tuesday night 16pts, 8 boards, 3 assists, and four huge blocks. His block into souvenir land was epic. Keith Ramsey also had a big game with 15-7-2, including another block.

-A 50 point first half. The Skyhawks were winded early, but hung in.

-18 offensive rebounds.

-Big time, deep bench.

-My mid-week Victory Whiskey is back. Ok, just now I have an excuse.


-Lots of turnovers (21)

-JT Tiller's bum wheel.

-Giving up 30 points to UT-M's Benzor Simmons at guard.

-Not closing. The Tigers could have easily won by 30, not 15.

-Missed and lazy passing.


-That 50 point first half in the first game of the year. No first game jitters.

-Lame crowd on a bad weather night. What did RMN throw out? A little less than 7k? Gotta improve.

And as a total win, ATDHE.net had a very smooth, free stream of the Mizzou All Access video. That should mean that every Mizzou All Access game should be on ATDHE, so bookmark that thing ASAP.