We couldn't have more go wrong with this week's podcast. Hat couldn't make it, True Son had something come up, and my phone podcast equipment cut the hell out. Yeah, eff that. All of that comes on top of a large announcement by Mizzourah. No worries, we'll knock out a podcast next week.

Now for that surprise.

Martin Rucker is going to be Mizzourah's bowl analyst. Yes, this Martin Rucker.

Martin Rucker, one of the most popular Tigers in recent history, is going to answer Mizzourah's questions about this '09 squad, how bowl season and practice works, how this Mizzou squad stacks up against their bowl opponent, and will make his picks on each bowl. To say we are excited about it is an understatement. We need your questions. It would be boring as hell just to read our questions to T, so shoot your questions to bullyforoldmizzou@gmail.com.

We'll get T on to Mizzourah a couple days after the bowl announcements, so you've got from now until then to get your questions in.