I write this as I oh so appropriately sip some whiskey, and as I start to drink my fourth glass I reflect on the near year that I was fortunate enough to contribute to this fine blog. Indeed it was a privilege and a great deal of luck on my part to be able to be apart of this. To be able to have a job where you talk/write about Mizzou sports on a regular basis is a dream come true, especially considering I do it for free on an almost constant basis.

Whiskey number five.

I might have attended Mizzou, but I certainly was not a journalism major. An obvious observation for anyone who actually paid any attention to my writing. Which surprised me when I got the e-mail from Big Head asking me if I wanted to join the Mizzourah team. My reaction? Giddy as a schoolgirl. So much respect for Big Head for working his ass off making his baby a name, something worth reading which it clearly was. Mizzourah has a certain charm that attracted me to it and made me a regular reader and commenter. The addition of True Son only added to the charm. Not sure what they saw in me that let me join the team but holy fuck am I happy they did.

I had so much fun reading, writing, and commenting. I only wish that life hadn’t gotten in the way and I could have kept writing for the blog the way I wanted to. I was lucky enough to be able to see the majority of Mizzou sporting events, let alone have the time to write about them. Shitty excuse but it’s true and I regret it.

I will continue my consistent hate-filled twitter “scribing” and will never forget the love I got from Big Head, True Son, and all the readers. It always tripped me out whenever I learned that people actually read this thing and I am thankful for that. It meant we were doing something good and hopefully we’ll be able to do it again.

I leave you with the Oakland A’s mascot getting hyphy.

Damn you whiskey, I love you so good. I love you all, goodnight.

A Fastidious Hat/Sean Wiltse