In all it's sic'd glory

Via ski-tiger

How do Illini players feel about their school?

I'm putting this here so Illini fans can read it.

If you don't know, MU and Illini players threw out the first pitch at the Cards game.

At Busch yesterday, I got in just before the first pitch. As I went up to my seats in the CQ Party Porch, I see Gettis, Baston, and Gregory in their MU jersey's going into their party room to watch the game. Obviously, I knew who they were, because they had their names on their backs.

I went into the bathroom and their is Juice and 2 other idiot Illini . . . TAKING OFF THEIR JERSEYS!!!!

I laughed and laughed. That is some real school pride that the Zookster is cultivating over in Champagne.